And Then There’s Germany :/


Okay, nice, we already get our second female defense minister. Grrlpower yay!

Accidents - Incidents 1983 - International F-104 Society ...

On the other hand nothing really works with our Army anymore. The airforce can’t get a plane in the air, and the pride of our navy, the sailing barque Gorch Fock must be restaurated for 100 fantastillion €-woolongs, but the department of defense is flat-out broke.

Gorch Fock (I) – Offizielle Internetseite des Segelschulschiffs ...

But what we have now are army-kindergartens and female army-bathrooms all over the place. And while all our bold warrior boiz and gurlz are sitting grounded in their barracks, at least their kidz get an excellent education. \o/ YAY! \o/

Desaster Gorch Fock - Auswirkungen in Elsfleth und Bremerhaven

She was on our banknotes, now the banks stopped paying for her restauration. 😮 Another desaster and bad bad planning. Building a new ship would’ve been much better … and cheaper. 😐



  1. Actually I would not object with female defense ministers – if the job was what the label said. But as we all know the German Minster of Defense is the ejector seat for stupid politicians. So sending AKK there is not totally wrong… there are just several male members of the government who would have required that “promotion” more urgently.

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  2. Was no fan of Spahn and Merz,so she once won the election as a woman… Finally cool? Nope… 😦 AKK lost all of my sympathy when she made jokes about the so named “third gender”. Jo, ich bin da nachtragend!


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  3. Aber/und immer noch in RL, my Dear. Seit Jahren plädiere ich darauf, dass wir uns mal in HH treffen, also melde dich, wenn du mal wieder hier abhängst! 🙂

    LG und jo, ich lese deinen Blog gerne 😉

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