On the road to anarchy

Whoa, great!
Couldn’t help myself but just had to reblog this post by fashion blogger Meri.
Anarchy, btw, is so often, like, totally misunderstood, Even by grown up, adult people and Americans in particular. Nobody goes to school anymore or what?


On the road to anarchy

When I was a kid, I didn’t understand anarchy. I assumed it was something violent (probably because of how the Sex Pistols portrayed it in their song – which I now like, by the way). I didn’t realise that anarchy is exactly what I feel we’re heading towards now – a rejection of authority.

Well, I am anyway. The last few years have turned me into an anarchist. I reject wholly and completely the authority of any leader who campaigns on racism and division. I reject the fools in the UK who are fighting to take over the poison chalice of Brexit ‘negotiations’ and the ruination of this country.

I reject the petty dictators safe in their ivory towers, raining hellfire down on normal people. I reject violence done in the name of religion. I reject fighting over land considered sacred. There is no sacred land, there is only land…

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  1. Wanna read about it: I recommend “Anarchy, State, and Utopia” by Robert Nozick, an American political philosopher (yes, they do exist… still)
    This book is a best from the 70s, imho.

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    • Vivi, we all know as long as there are humans on the planet Anarchy will forever stay a beautiful dream, a utopia, nothing more. But thx for the book tip, will try to find it,


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