Grand Tour: Debelox –> Linden Memorial

Ahoy sailors!

After having shocked, bewildered and angered you with my Linux fetish, a story btw, that cost me a quite insurmountable amount of time – and was quite clever if I say so myself – I thought now I must go sailing again. Not just my readers, I too was more than ready to log inworld and continue my sailing world tour.

So this was the first part of my little detour to the Linden Memorial off Corsica’s north coast. See:

This wasn’t just a short detour.As you can see I sailed half the east- and half the north coast to reach the Linden Memorial sims.
When things still looked good: Me crossing the Debelox startline.
Just a couple minutes later the typical permanent emergency situation started with Corsica’s water sims not co-operating. :/
I’m so grateful for the Bandit’s autotrim function. It saved my bacon more than once today.
Corsicans are aholes I guess. They are building right to the absolute last piece of their sims and making use of the waterways a walk on the tightrope. 😮
SL residents and their love for disney-like castles-:( I’ll never understand that. And why do they put their shit on beaches instead of forests? Idjitz! 😐
Again, some shopping center/disco club, using up the land to the last millimeter. Making life for sailors super shitty. 😦
But no problem for the coolest helmsperson in Second Life! 🙂
When inconsiderate sociopaths and lovers of fugly ask for our cooperation …
Between a hard platform and the EOW: *Screech, screech …*
BTW, did you notice I added the South African flag to the boat. Now I need to find out how I can add a name and port of call to the stern of the boat.
I hate those awnings, they are so mom n pop-ish. It’s like having a fairing on your motorcycle, only slower. But okay, I guess it fits the style of this comfy cruiser.
Then appears the Linden Memorial on starboard and I’m looking for a good place to moor the trusty Bandit.
This is not it. 😦 Kinda ran aground and the boat becomes unmaneuvrable. 😮
What an ignoble way to end today’s stage of the tour. 😦 I should’ve taken the landing stage I saw earlier on the Memorial’s coast. Hm. :/
At least I can save myself onto dry land without even getting wet hair. =^.^=

My plan for tomorow is exploring the Memorial and making my way back at least to Debelox, and farther down south if possible. Would be nice to get into some sailing estate on the Nautilus side.



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