Debian vs Arch. Which Is The Best Distro?

/me tipping my imaginary hat …

Top of the morning, ladies, sirs.

Brrr, it’s so fukn cold outside (yes, it gets cold around here, believe it or not) so I’ve decided to skip yoga and aqua gymnastics for today and rather spend the time rambling a bit about … Linux. Wouldn’t you know it?

Today’s very interesting topic is a little comparison between two rather opposite distros, namely granddaddy Debian and punk ass ArchLinux. So if you’re up for it you’re more than welcome to stick around for a couple minutes; the barmy rest of you can bugger off and wait for the next blogstory, which will hopefully be about something inworld SL-ish. You’re all subscribbled to this bloggo, right? So you’ll know when something’s coming up. Ok, on then …

Debian OpenLogo

Y’all gathered by now that I had placed quite some hope into the new release of Debian, the number 10, and how fancy it was gonna be, and friendly and easy to grasp for beginners and full of creature comforts and warmth and cuddlyness … and how disappointed I decided to end my long-term-test already after two days. Factly it’s none of these things. Okay, I gotta admit I managed to install Debian on a computer. For the first time, even in two versions, a feat not even the spiritual and factual father of Linux, Mr. Linus Torvalds, ever accomplished.

So, yes, we gotta admit Debian devs integrated an easy peasy installer to the distro, Manjaro’s Calamares Installer. With that thing installation of the Debian system, including one of many Desktop Environments, was a breeze. Everything after that was stupid, complicated and as basic yet complex as imaginable.

Why Linux is Stupid - YouTube
Linux is stupid (-ly dangerous for proprietary software’s business model).

Debian developers quite obviously have no clue and no interest in making their “product” more accessible for human beings. Old man Karmi already came to the same conclusion in his own blog:

I’m done testing DEB10 – i.e. Debian 10 ‘Buster the Bust’ needs a Doctor and not some Linux Newbie conducting experimental tests on the poor ‘Thang! ‘Houston, DEB 10 has a serious Hardware Support problem’ …

Child Sex Dolls – what's your view? | Safeguarding Hub
Looks almost, like, real: Fuktoy Orca.

Now your inflatable sex doll Orca had similar problems, or even more, since she never really knows what she’s doing. Of course she managed to install Deb on her hardware, as already reported, but it was no fun and she didn’t feel like she was well taken care of. Don’t get me wrong, please, I don’t expect a total curated experience and a nanny state like in Linux Lite, but … well, try it for yourself and you’ll see what I mean. Can it be those Debian devs are such antisocial aholes, they make the simplest things especially hard for the user? “We gave them dummies Calamares already, now let’s get cryptic and nerdy again!” 😦

Top 30 Grumpy Grandpa Stock Photos, Pictures, and Images - iStock
Debian and Arch.

Again, don’t get me wrong: Debian is here clearly the adult in the room, the elder statesman. Debian is the foundation of, and powers approximately 136% of all Interwebz servers worldwide. It runs accounting software in the biggest industries and corporations and universities and governments and militaries. The terms Rock, Solid and Stable weren’t in existence before and had to be especially invented for Debian. That’s how professional and indestructable This Shit is.

Server Farms Writ Large: Super-Sizing the Cloud Campus
Boring adult professional in a Debian-powered server farm.

But, Orca, if nobody can use it, how can it be any goodygood? Easy, Fraggelz, we just won’t use Debian as such, in it’s vanilla state, but we use distros that are based on Debian. They are too many to name here but we can say most of them are more comfortable and come with unfree drivers and media codecs and are pretty easy to use. Most of us are just disappointed now because we’ve expected more. After 25 months of development most imagined and hoped for vanilla Deb getting closer to its more accessible and friendly offspring.

Didn’t happen. :/

So be it.

distributions - Linux Debian codenames - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
Understanding Debian. Understanding??? 😮

What they all have in common, except from the stability and ruggedness is a glacerial speed of development, outdated repositories and stone-old softwares and kernels. And with that we come to the other side of the Linux spectrum, ArchLinux!

Short intermission here: No shit, and totally earnest now, I consider Debian and Arch as the pinnacle and only really needed Linux distros. Ya, of course I’m, like, totally biased and subjective in my judgement. Thank you. On with the show

Arch Linux logo.svg

And since I’ve already admitted years ago that I’m an Arch grrl, you must forgive me for prefering it over Debian, even over Deb’s better forks and side projects and offspring. My distro-hopping times are over and I’m firmly rooted in the Arch camp since 2013 or so, and I’m gonna tell you why:

There are some nice ways to describe Debian, rock solid stable, professional, mature … see what’s missing?

Yes, exactly that one important attribute we can easily use to explain ArchLinux but not Debian: SEXY!

Yeah right. As long as it’s Arch!

Of course there are some more attributes but in the end they all appeal to us users as sexy. Arch, and all its derivatives and forks, is a rolling distro! Which means once installed it will just roll on and on and on, into eternity, until your computer breaks or becomes obsolete. Not like stupid *buntu and similar point-distros which come out with new versions you gotta re-install, like, every six months. That’s dumb and not sexy at all.

A very welcome consequence of Arch’s eternally rolling nature is that you’ll always have the latest and freshest, sexiest versions of all your installed software – including the kernel itself – on your machine. Yes, many people claiming that might lead to instabilities and incompabilities and in so far is running Arch on your pweshious widdle Pwincess Barbie laptop a very perilous enterprise and may lead to your personal ruin. 😮

Oregon Scientific Toys | Barbie B Smart Learning Laptop Toy Review ...
Orca would run Arch on this thing, wouldn’t you?

But hey, you know how it is: No Risk – No Fun!, no sexy, right?

And the risk, come on now, didn’t we just establish the old and wise and slow Debian squarely in the boring professional corner? So if you’re squirmish and a scaredy-cat, no problem, go with Debian. It’s the sensible adult thing to do. Don’t wanna be sexy and fresh, ok, byyyyye …

Forget Linux: 10 Reasons You Should Stick With Windows
Arch is easy to kock-out, so they say. :/

Also it’s not like Arch would break down on you all the time, absolutely not. It’s still a talk-of-the-town Linux distro and in so far a good bit more stable and uncrashy than *cough* Windows. 😉 Namib Arch Linux runs on my bestest computer since more than a year. Uninterrupted and with no major hiccups. A shining example of Rock Solid Stability!
Arch Yes, Manjaro Not necessarily, no.

Heard about Manjaro fux up after each third or forth update? Mhm, true dat. So don’t use fukn Manjaro, it’s very crash-prone, and we have many more Arches around. Manjaro is as far removed from Arch upstream as imaginable, it’s more like its totally own thing, loosely based on and inspired by ArchLinux. Forget it. Get something closer to the original.

Namib GNU/Linux
Find this fancy pengu in the Namib desert. 😉

Next negative thing one can say about Arch is its unbelievably hard install process. Thought Debian was a bitch? Hold Arch’s beer for a minute. 😉 But, same as in the Debian realm we don’t install ArchLinux by itself but choose one of the many forks. Good Arch-based distros come with Calamares anyway. And there are even some new distros, which are nothing but easy peasy installation programs that leave you with a true pure vanilla ArchLinux. Et voila, pas de probléme!

PAS DE PROBLEME ! - Film Bonheur/Feel-Good Movie® - YouTube
Pas de probléme!

But hey, this whole treatise was purely academic. At least for now anyway. You know how to make little Orcsi extatically happy. Do ya? If you’re a n00b just install Linux Mint and go your merry ways in total oblivion. Kewl! And then later, once you know you way around the ropes, you install  Debian on your office’s servers and Arch for your precious self.

And here we finally have a much more informed opinion piece about Deb vs Arch:

Ok,  breakfast time. Cy’all laterz xoxo



  1. I’m delighted and surprised to see that Debian decided to use the Calamares installer instead of continuing their elitist, snobby practice of making things difficult.

    By the way didjya know that Grandaddy Debian also has a darker, punk, edgy side? Oh yeah. Debian Stable is what they want you to see, But then there’s Debian Unstable, called “Sid,” and there’s even Debian Experimental, the evil mad scientist of Debian!

    Your summary is excellent, by the way, generally speaking. The only things more stable than Debian Stable are Debian Old Stable and probably Slackware.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mhm, yes I knew, even tried Siduction, the most sexy Debian Sid distro. Unfortunately it comes with some lightweight desktop nonsense, LXQt or sumsuch. Know what? For me, Arch stuntgirl and crash test dummy Orca, a Sid version would be plenty stable enough. But I do not know how many good and usable Sid distros are out there. :/


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