Primdoodling Again

Guten Morgen Liebe Leute,

it’s not like I don’t have nothing to do in Second Life. It’s not like I’m bored . No, absolutely not, quite the opposite.

I could and should continue my Grand Tour. Linden Memorial is next on the list, after that slowly cruising down Nautilus east coast, all the new estates there … and then  into Blake Sea proper with all the estates attached to it. And after that … no, not home to Triumphal, but first gonna check the new extension westwards and then, yeah, having at least an overnighter at TrYC but I wanna end the tour in  front of my parcel on Nautilus north coast.

Anyway, this very early morning I’ve spent with uselessly glueing prims together since I wasn’t in the mood for getting anything ‘real’ started. :/

When I logged in I noticed the box for Ana’s nifty Bandit 50/3. I totally forgot to take it back into inventory. I’m such a slut. 😐 But hey, this is my parcel, I’d never leave anything behind in sandboxes or other people’s lands. 🙂
Then I went to my fave sandbox and unpacked SL’s 16 Anniversary premium gift, the Diner. It’s huge and looks quite cool from the outside.
Inside it’s just an empty shell. I guess one could make something from it, store or so. But that would be pretty uncreative, no?
So I started doodling again. Yes, my typical ultra-simple style (because I’m too inapt to make good stuff), that reminds us on some or the other iteration of the OrCafé, right?
What you thinking? Will Orca put an onsen bath into this glass house? No, I guess not. This gonna be something different, something more technical, more RL-ish. 😉
LOL yeah, closing down my onsen before it’s even finished and have only a very rough and rudimentary plan what to do next on that little parcel. There is still the vague idea of making this a Linux resource center. Or something. Oh yes and my blog bureau and of course my playlist viewer. Let’s see how that pans out …

Yeah, why not? A functional Linux resource center, not a dead bunch of pixels with totally outdated infos about dead distros. Mmmm, maybe make it a special ArchLinux place? And Linux Mint of course. No stupid *buntu and Debian shit but steer the people in the right direction right away. This is gonna be about the fun of computing, not about building the most stable server ever and learning commands for various terminals.

Mhm, slowly a plan comes together …


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