Cleaning Out the Garage

… and look what I found:


Ya, I’ve been one of those. :/ One of those Apple-ologists. 😦 But not as stupid as they are today. Jeez, no. Back in 99 when got this thing I had a well-paying job in IT and was just curious how computing looked on the “other side”. Oh, and I was quite fond of the style and really liked OS9 after a short while. Remember those iMacs still had rather slow Motorola CPUs, but thanks to Apple’s nifty OS this machine was running as fast as my bestest Intel PC at that time.

Of course we had the anthrazit one, which marked the top of the line models back then. So ours had the fastest proci and twice as much RAM as the lesser coloured models. And it was anthracit, not silly orange or pink or blue = serious adults machine = important owners. =^.^=

Oh, and it had a DVD player so we could get rid of VHS tapes and enjoy videos directly on the computer screen. 15″ 4×3 screen format with a breathtaking resolution of 1024×768, mind you. DVD player, not burner! And of course Blu-Ray was still years away.

But oh my, was that a nice computer. Back in 99 you were still some kind of rebel – or at least something special – when you donned a Mac. It gave you this chic, super clean and stylish flair of advertising agency exec, graphic designer, communications expert posh bishie. In other words it showed to the world what kind of people we were. What kind of person I was. IT grunt worker mimicking posh yuppie lady. 😦 LOL OMfG. 😮 Yuppie is the last thing I wanna resemble now. Being a semi-retired 50+ woman without any deadlines but all the time in the world and no need to look good or have the most coolest and fashionable stuff is pretty darn nice, let me tell you that. 🙂

Needless to say the box is empty nowadays, we got rid of its failing content, like, in 2006 or so. Buhbye, Applecrap.

Looked better than it actually was. :/

Hmmm, maybe, just maybe, when I have a very good day, a day on which I am nice and eager, I’m gonna clean out this shitty rattan footlocker:


Legend has it that somewhere in this box’s dephts there still lurks a Mackintosh Classic II Color! Supposed to be in working order but last time I looked into that unlucky box it was coated in a fingerthick layer of dust. 😮 So better leaving the lid cosed. 😉

A real classic. 😉
When I unburdened my husband from my unrealistic expectations ...
Life without Apple!

But for now we’re rid of the garage and all its fubared contents. Feels so good, like a stone lifted from my chest and my soul, like totally unburdened, clean and wholesome.





  1. Me thinks you’re unconsciously longing for another AppleMac thingie…that was surely one of your long posts with lots of effort & LOVE put into it. Did you see a shrink in Germany? Maybe this longing is a mental problem starting to surface.

    Those horses can’t outrun Little Blackie! They’re loaded down with fat men and iron!

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    • “Maybe this longing is a”

      … need to rid my life of crapola and shit, and having some crapbuying/selling neigbour clean out the garage was the best thing happening in a long while. We’re lean and mean like Little Blackie now. Even have one key less in my keychain … superlight. Feels like Linux compared to loaded down WinApple fat men and iron.

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        • Didn’t understand anything in your post, but reading ‘Windows’ gave me the creeps so hard, I’m feeling save by ignoring the rest of your post. 😉

          Quick for dummies: What’s the diff between MX and AntiX pleez? Curious mind needs to know.


          • Back again .. has my “Download throttled” – ran outta Anytime Data and past 8:00AM EST Bonus data time (have 12.4 GB of that left – from 2AM – 8AM). Wanted to see what happens if I don’t pay for extra data this month – throttling my 8:00AM – 2:00AM downloads won’t be bad if normal surfing stays same. Now blazing away @ 106 kB/s so maybe I’ll see how big of a Window Ubuntu gets in the subsystem…before noon EST.

            Others know a lot more about MX and AntiX than me … one difference I just discovered was that AntiX ‘Live’ USB works on Ace the Laptop and MX Linux just froze on ‘Ace’ (new Acer laptop). As closely as those two distros are connected, surprising that one works on ‘Ace’ and the other doesn’t.

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