Yeah I Missed That One!

Finally my most favourite Linux distro reviews writer, Jack M. Germain, has joined the crowd of all the other journos and made a writeup of Debian10 for the LinuxInsider:

Boring is good, boring is sexy, boring is the new black! 🙂

Hey, yes, as you’ve maybe already noticed from my weird absence of commenting and reviewing of Deb10, this distro is just too boring for me, gives us not enough breathtakingly new stuff to experiment with but puts all its eggs into the shatterproof case of stability. 😐

Dunno about you, but for me, even for my production machine, Namib ArchLinux is plenty stable and rugged enough to trust this Shit 110%. So I’ve got no need for Debian. For me the only reason to be excited about it is the question if Deb10 can replace Mint as The Standard allround distro for everybody? So far I’ve gotta say ‘no’ but my test isn’t completed yet.

Jack finds fault in Debian’s hardware recognition. Orca runs it right now on an old desktop computer, plugged into a router, so I can’t say anything about the wifi (which shoud be supported since the machine is so old, and is not since it doesn’t even have a wifi  module) and I don’t have any other hardware like printer or scanner connected to any of my machines. Just be warned; due to Deb10’s old-ish 4.19 kernel some peripherals and wifi modules in your brandnew laptops may not work. :/

Debian10’s Kernel 4.19 = Uncool
Kewl kidz are running Linux kernel 5.2.0-1

Don’t fret, Debian will jump to a newer kernel with Debian11, which should be released shortly. Say in 2 to 4 years time. 😮

Add to that the notoriously nerdy user-guidance and I’m almost ready to delete Debian from my test machine and make room for something else. Unfortunately there isnt much exciting stuff happening right now.

So, yes, for now I really can’t recommend Deb10 for any n00bs or, generally, for anybody. 😦 Which is a fukn shame. I was really looking forward to this release of grampa Debian. But for now may I ask you to stick with the normal Mint 19.1 since it’s still the bestest allround and n00b distro. So, basta!

But ok, I’ve forgotten to add two probably very helpful videos from for when you really wanna go ahead in vanilla Debian:

And when you are already super clever-like n all and wanna build your very own Linux:

Why o why???

What say you, gang? Shall we forget about this shit or do we hang on and see how it behaves in the long run? I honestly don’t see myself using Deb very often tho. :/



    • Yes, of course, Debian’s stomping ground are professional usages like as unbreakable server OS and other usage scenarios in big money corporations and stuff. Still for home computers 4.19 is kinda ok-ish now but I bet they won’t update to 5.xx in the next couple years. Makes it kinda unusable for when you have a very new computer and need the latest drivers for your wifi module and for your scanners and mice and whatnot. So I guess I won’t keep going on testing Deb10 but keep my eyes peeled for something as useful as Mint and as a chic as Deepin or such modern shit. :/


      • DEB10 left me bloodied…BionicPup finally showed up and kept ’em at bay, until I was able to recover somewhat. useful as Mint and as a chic as Deepin or such modern shit.

        Yeah, DEB10 ain’t never going to be modern – not on a Desktop/Laptop anyway. They did have an interesting Graphical Installer selection in the ‘Live’ bootloader, especially the screenshot button option (tho I did need BionicPup to finally get those opened for me).

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