Home Again

… coming fresh thru the door, hung up my towel and gonna prepare breakfast soon. But first wanted to show you two photos I snapped just half an hour ago on my way back from the gym …

Directly in front of the gym I shot this, yet, untamed Porsche. That a chick trying to prove her independence? Jeezuz. girl, if you need an – obviously sponsored by (sugar) daddy – Porsche for that, I don’t see your claim becoming a reality anytime soon. :/ Prepare for getting assraped, you untamable bish. 🙂
And yay!, greetings from my cold old hometown. ^.^ Hamburg chicks are the coolest, even without any artificial help by supersports cars. Rusty old van that was already old when Hendrix played at Woodstock is much much koolerer anyhoo! 🙂


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