Debian 10 ‘Buster’ – Free Tip: Stick to Servers!

Very good observation by our friend Karmi. I kinda came to the same conclusion and have stopped my Debian test for now. It’s too uncomfy and clunky and downright unusable for housewives who need something spunky and fashionable.
But read what Karmi’s found out about Deb10 …


Linux Newbie - since 1996

It’s Linux Distros like Debian that keep potential new users away from Linux, and take the fun out of Linux for users like me. Two questions to Debian – How many installers does a Linux Distro need? How many installers does Debian 10 ‘Buster’ have? (See UPDATE @ end…)

The ‘Linux Fanatical’ have been harping about the ‘Miraculous Return’ of Debian for over 2 years now, and I believe Debian 9 was better (and I didn’t like it either)! The Desktop/Laptop has certainly passed Debian by – it should stick to servers, where ‘101 Debian Installers’ may come in handy. BTW, a server is basically a ‘Glorified Baby Sitter’ – in most cases babysitting hordes of Windows computers.

I had to pull the ‘Old Dell out of retirement’ to get the Graphical Installer #2 of the ‘Live’ USB…

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