Second Life Destinations – Virtual Cat Communities

Awww… =^.^=

Published on Jul 11, 2019

SLcatsCrazy about cats? This week’s Destinations video spotlights the many feline friends and virtual pets found across Second Life.
Not familiar with Second Life? Discover incredible experiences, fascinating people, and vibrant communities in this vast virtual world created by people just like you.
Featured in the video: KittyCatS
Video Production: Draxtor Despres
Song written and performed by Callie Cline


  1. I really like those, despite the script hogs some of them can be. I als like that they do not die of neglect just go ill and can recover – I would even be considiering permapetting some of my breedables if not for one thing.

    You still can euthanize kittens with bad traits for points (OK it is euphemized by calling it sending them to the menagerie – which seems to be some kind of kitty heaven)

    That is just gross – and I am a bit reluctant of supporting a company based on such a business model. This feels more like virtual puppy mills 😦

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    • “euthanize kittens with bad traits”


      They can do that?

      *double gulps

      Make the creators script them nicer with only the sweetest and nicest kitty traits.


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