Oubaas is Famous!

All over the world people can now adore this fancy van. Couple monthses ago he was captured by one of those Google photo cars. And where was he hiding? Of course in front of my mechanic’s workshop, neglected and uselessly hanging out while his owners sat at home, grounded. :/


Top secret location nobody must ever know! 🙂

Honestly, I prefer Oubaas like this …


Out in the wild, taking me to the beach. That’s what the modern woman of today has a van for, isn’t it?

Again: We don’t like to see this …


… this …


… or this …


… or that …


… or even that …


… but only like so …


Fortunately the technical side is almost completely sorted out by now and all we need are better fitting, unsqueachy brake discs and … all the paperwork, of which we have none. It’s gonna be a fight with the traffic department to get all new papers for this thing so we can re-register that fancy fucker … and finally pay taxes and tariffs and penalties for him. 😮

… and so …




    • Psssht Moz, Oubaas is on the road since 1.5 years now … kinda flying underneath the radar. This is recently our sole motorized vehicle, and police is a rarity in South Africa, and even when they stop me I’m always like “Oh officer, I’m just on my way to the garage where the car will be made ready for registration”, and then I show my german drivers licence and they see it’ll be too much paperwork for them and they let me carry on. 🙂
      And it’s everything but not fancy. Rusty patches growing every day but we wanna have that fukn stupid thing roadworthy and registered before we’re spending serious money for panelbeating and spraypainting. 😐


      • It looks fancy to me, I guess I’m not seeing those rust patches! Hope you manage to get it licensed before you have to spend out, though 🙂

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        • It looks like I can’t get a hold of the real owner, and the car is officially scrapped anyway, so we’ll have to register it as a “new” car. That way we’ll avoid having to pay license fees back to 2013 and the van will be like totally “clean” n shit.

          Oh man, sometimes I wish we wouldn’t have gotten distracted by this old Ford but bought a VW vanagon or Westfalia instead. At the time when I bought the fukn Ford VW transporter prices were not thru the roof as they are now. But by now SA has joined the rest of the world in the Volkswagen van frenzy and prices are unnnaturally high and you pay an arm and a leg, even for VW vans in the worst condition.

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