Is it Time to Switch to Debian?

… asks YouTuber Matthew Moore in following video and with that meets my resentments exactly:

Without wanting to go too deep into his reasoning it boils down to “it’s Debian”. You’ll have ongoing support of 32-bit, you’re rid of the middlemen Ubuntu and Mint and others, with all their questionable and bad and downright damaging decisons.

Please look and listen to Matthew’s video very attentively and think hard about this decision. Not talking to you absolute n00bs but all you *buntu and Minty fraggels out there, you with a decent amount of expertise and knowing your way around a bunch desktops and base distros. You experts, if you’re not triggered yet to switch to some or the other ArchLinux-like distro, you should at least seriously entertain the thought of switching to Debian proper!

So, how far did Orca come on her test-install?

This was the only download link I was able to find directly on Debian’s website. And it links to the much too complicated net-installer. 😦

So, after that first negative thing I’ve finally found the section where own can find all the installable Debian ISO files. Grabbing the Cinnamon version went fast, and installation was easy, due to the Calamares installer:

The installation process then went super fast and sooo smoth. 😉
First impression of Debian’s Cinnamon spin. Not very comfy, and needs some necessary “moving in and get homely” by the user.

In those 3 photos you could see how Debian doesn’t give a fucque about creature comforts and making shit easy for n00bs but you are expected to have kinda knowledge about how Linux werkz. Nothing too complicated anymore, now that we have the new installer, but it’s not easy peasy and everything preconfigured as in more n00b-centered distros.

As I said before, if I was still anchored in the *buntu-verse, now would be the time to run not walk away from *buntu and Mint and cousins, and do the switcheridoo to the motherlode, the grampa, the ancient Linux distro from times past: Debian!

It’s one of the very few pure-Linux experiences for all of you who want to decide for themselves how much stuff they want/need and how lightweight their distro must be.

Debian: Prefered Linux of sexy Anime girls. ^.^



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