Debian10 is a Hit!

That went soooo fukn quick! Look at the new Last 7 Days top hits in the DistroWatch charts:

Already on #2

Ok, that’s it for now, more or less. I’m still testing Deb10 on MiniMe, had some trubbelz with the installation, am totally confuzzled with Debian’s website and had to look elsewhere to find the download place with all the different desktop environments. So after first installing the minimalistic net install version, by accident, I had to reinstall Debian10 with the Cinnamon desktop.

The system still demands quite some modifications to make it truly your own. Many things you already find prepared in Linux Mint, and even in Mint’s LMDE3 release. In so far I’m not too happy with Deb 10 right now but would inded prefer Mint’s own Debian release.

But more about that in my review of Debian10. For now we just acknowledge that the Debian coomunity was obviously ravenous for the new version, and their implemenation of the super duper baby easy Calamares installer. Rank #2 is ok and justified.


File:Debian-logo.jpg - VideoLAN Wiki

I, personally, won’t use it. I’m not a Debian gurl, my Arch is super stable and I don’t run a server that needs nuke proof unkaputtability. But I really see the appeal of Linux’ most revered grandfather distro, finally coming in an installable (by human beings) practical ISO file for your pleasure.

Hey, that doesn’t make Debian a n00b-friendly distro! No, absolutely not. The whole web presence and layout of their homepage tells us that This Shit is for nerds only. Once installed it runs – more or less – like every other Linux distro, Ubuntu, Arch or Debian, doesn’t matter much. And I would probably run Debian too, hadn’t I found my spiritual and practical home in Namib ArchLinux already.

Utoobz widdiohs:



  1. Yes, because it’s got almost all of the usual legendary “Minty Goodness”. I have no idea if LMDE is on 10 by now or still dwells on 9.xx. 🙂 Because unfortunately Clem and the gang don’t make much of promotion for LMDE, they just keep it around in case of a major Ubuntu fukuppy. For me that point has been reached long ago. Clem seems to have considerably more patience with Mark and the whole Canonical ego-trippy. 😉

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