Good Guy Woz?

He would pay for privacy?

Hmm … of course nothing new under the sun. Loss of privacy is bad n all but it’s already too late. So maybe if he would pay Facebook not to spy on him … 😮

Jeezuz, Woz, you’re old enough – and have two impressive manb00bs – to know better than to bribe the Zuckerberg mafia to please not spy on you!!! It’s a slippery slope. 😐 But typical tek geek, knows everything about the secret life of Apple hardware but has no concept of how humans should interact.



    • FB is harmless, and pretty much open about it. It’s the omnikraken Google with their various more or less adorable toys and websites that should really get us on RED ALERT!


    • Thank you, Moz. I dunno much about komputahz but am always looking for the human side in technology. And particularly with these 70s übergeeks you come across manymany human failures. Look at the two super legendary founders, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, two very very flawed individuals with little to no concept of the real world.


      • Agreed. Their only objective in this life was to make money. Nothing about their spiritual growth or humanity or help with the society. A great waste really, it’s such a shame.

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        • There is generally nothing wrong with making money, the more the merrier. The moneymakers themeselves becoming a problem for society and humanhood when it becomes their sole objective, as you pointed out. And when they then turn into kjnda cult-ish cults, like Apple for example.

          And then, when they have all the power and everyone wants their products they can just raise the pricees and get rid of costly but important features like, hmm, USB ports which are kinda very important. But now I guess even the most hypnotized Apple fans are slowly smelling the roses and can see clearly now.

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