Debian 10: Crapola?

Sorry everybody, I just had the mostest terribliestest installation experience in quite a while. If this new wonder installer is what Debian devs understand as an easy installer for the masses … boy, do they have a lot to learn. Don’t get me wrong. The installer worked. But I didn’t quite work with that installer. And I guess most of other Calamares-spoiled n00bs will also be highly confuzzled and aggravated by the most unhelpful user interface. We get some questions, unnecessary question we can hardly answer and the installer should do stuff like that all by itself, ffs! He asked me if I wanted to install the network manually? Like hell I won’t! No clue about that shit and usually even the installers of super stupid Linux distros manage all that shit by themselves. And that even tho Debian install strongly reminds us of super simple DOS estethics and user guidance. 😐


Intallation as unfancy and basic as DOS. I kinda like that approach.

And in the end we end up with a prompt. Just a prompt, as if we’re supposed to work in a terminal now. Yes, of course, that clever installation program completely forgot to ask us the most important question of all: What desktop environment would lady fancy please? *GULPS We don’t have a fukn desktop installed! 😮 Debian, a distro as old as the stones – not entirely as old as the Rolling Stones tho – should know better how to make a decent installer by now. Or just borrow one from Manjaro, Ubuntu, Mint or many other distros. Problem solved.

Double crap!

As you might have gathered by now, I’m using MiniMe for this installation. It’s the oldest and slowest of my desktops but is also a completely unfuzzy workhorse. That’s why I choose this old Lenovo ThinkCentre. Any distro that doesn’t install properly on this machine isn’t worth its salt! And now look at the screen. :/ Really, Debian? Seriously?

The all-knew Debian 10 supposed to look like this?

Tsk tssk Debian devs, you needed, what?, 25 months to finalize this new awesomeness? And then you rushed it to the finish line and obviouly never tried to install the new ISO on any real computer? Is that what we should accept as Rock Solid Stable?

Maybe, very possibly I did something wrong. But this ain’t my first rodeo. This housewife has installed hundreds of Linux distros on all kinds of hardware, except the toaster. So, honestly, if I did something wrong it does not only prove that I am stupid … but your installer is totally unsuitable for installation of a Linux distro by human beings. :/



  1. Rule of Thumb – if you can’t install Ubuntu on it, then you can’t install any Linux Distro on it.

    Debian is an old slow dog – had its day, but Ubuntu is now the Linux Master Distro. Anyway, I just finished installing DEB10 Cinnamon and was planning to do the Gnome alongside next (unless its another “manual” setup). I’ll skip Gnome for now and do a post on installing DEB10 Cinnamon w/ pics – wasn’t that hard, so you probably can do it w/ some pics…

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    • Thx for the heads up Karmi. I found out why it was so weird. Only downloadable ISO I could see on the website was 64-bit network installer. And that things is supposed to be minimal. All the usable versions for the mass market were obviously carefully hidden away by the devs. Not saying Debian devs are stupid or so, they just think totally differently from all other people on the planet. :/
      So tell me please on what secret shithole server did you find the Cinnamon ISO? I take it from there.


    • And why ffs can’t I send comments on your blog? Everything fine, he even acts as if he’s posting and then … nothing. 😦


    • Yes, I did indeed. Trusting as I am I clicked on the only ISO shown on the Debian website: Turned out it was the nonsense minimal net installer. Now I found the real download thingamajic by just following a link on It’s FOSS that brought me to this unholy place:

      Now Deb10 is save and sound on my test machine and I’m busy making it nice and cuddly and usable. But it’s a bit poor I guess. Typically Cinnamon. I still prefer Mate, but if all you young people prefer the chic Cinnamon who am I to do anything different? I guess for today I’m done, probably do a review, like, tomorrow or so …


      • “unholy place” … right, like the link was on Debian’s Home page (just under Network install). Anyway, it also offered MATE DE there.

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        • When I check there is one download link in the upper right corner, with nothing below it. And, yes, of course they have a tasty Mate flavour as well but for testing purposes and in an attempt to find out if Deb10 would be better than Mint I’ve decided to go with Cin, for better comparability.

          Right now, from what I’ve seen they failed the n00b-friendliness test. 😐


            • Doesn’t need a n00bie to do stuff properly, Karmi. I always erase the whole disk because I can … and because I don’t like to see the world burn.


    • Merci beaucoup darling.I’ve already got the ISO from Don’t like torrents too much when direct download works as quickly or even quickerer. 😉
      Install wasn’t the most comfy but much betterer than before, and the Cinnamon experience was a bit sobering but also manageable when you look around for a bit and make the desktop really yours. Within Cinnamon’s sparse customizing options. :/


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