You Can Order Very Soon!

What? you ask.

The not-too-shabby Pinebook Pro. I dunno, guess if I was a US citizen I’d get one of those. Ya, it may not be a computing powerhouse and you probably won’t be able to play games or even log into Second Life with it but it’ll make a nice lightweight but stable everyday computer, mom n pop machine to play with many Linux distros, and do all the usual computing stuff. Fun. πŸ™‚

Everybody wants some …

Pine64 say buyers will be able to pre-order the Pinebook Pro on July 25, 2019, from the official Pine64 website.

But in a move that may annoy some eager enthusiasts, Pine64 will give pre-order priority to members of their forum who registered before July 1.

So my dear fraggles, better hurry up, register for Pine’s forum, become a driving force of the hype and earn the right for pre-order priority.

… or say Fukit! and get a second hand Lenovo ThinkPad. No really, for 200 Woolongs you should get a flawless super duper machine, fresh out of a leasing contract, refurbished and ready to go. But whatever you do, you see, you need a new computer. I won’t stay quiet on the sidelines and helplessly observe you ruin your lifes with a dual boot Linux distro on your only computer, your master Windows machine! 😐 No sir! Not on my watch!

So for the adventurous and a little bit computer savvy kids it’s not even a question: Old but goodygood ThinkPads or bust. For the little girls and scaredy cats among you I’d recommend you get a Pinebook Pro. They are cheap but joyful little laptops you’ll be proud to own.

Review: A tale of three Lenovo Laptops - X1 Carbon Touch, ThinkPad ...
Best hardware, most fucked up software. :/




    • Exactly what I’m saying since years. The only brand I’d buy used. HP and Dell’s ok for desktops but laptops no way anything other than ThinkPads. Yes, they are tough as nails little fuckers, but so are a small bunch of other makes. Well, I don’t intend on taking my laptop into a warzone or rain forest or something extreme, but ThinkPads have the bestest keyboards, a factor I find very very important.

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