Say Whaaat?

Sorry, but I’m still using Firefox and I think it’s still the bestest browser!

Say what you want, and I freely admit that the Mozilla Foundation made some questionable decisons in the last couple years. But, excuse me, FF is thousand times more comfy and secure to use than the fashion fad Chrome viewer. In Chrome you don’t even need to start thinking about your data’s security. And Chrome is made by fukn Google, a mega corp that doesn’t even try to hide the fact they’re evil.

Yes, Mozilla did some very stupid, greedy shit, but that can be easily rectified when the CEO or chairpeople are replaced. On the other hand try to find a more user-friendly Google boss, I dare you.

But we can see Moz was voted the Internet Villain by the Service Providers Association of the UK. A buncha fukn capitalist companies ffs! 😮

People, use Firefox and/or derivatives thereof! None of them are as bad and crooked as Chrome and Chromium are. 😐

Actually they had me at “it encourages privacy protection and features options to keep your Internet activity as private as possible.” Isn’t that already as awesome as anyone could wish for? Any serious reason why you wanna switch browsers … and to privacy sniffing Google Chrome of all browsers out there?


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