Oh Man. :o

Shit. Really. You know, me all excited about the new Linux distro by YouTuber Eznix. He calls it eznixOS100 for whatever reason. Inside joke or whatev. He’s got it figured all out, Debian 10 pre-release version with the hot new installer and all the shit. So I thought, why not have a peek at this new hotness and see if it’s any good for my housewifely readership.

But why go through all the trubbel if it already fux up during the download and I can not even get the ISO file onto my computer, huh? This sucks on so many levels. And I can’t even blame Eznix for it, or my ISP. Is maybe Sourceforge to blame? I also doubt that. They are hosting billions of files for billions of Linux projects and shit all over the world. So I guess it’s just one of these confuzzlement things when servers fail to communicate with each other and the clients. Look:

Here’s where I tried to grab it from.

See the little box on top right side? ‘Fehlgeschlagen’ is a pretty fugly German word which translates into ‘mucked it up’ and means the download didn’t finish for one reason or the other. :/

This is Eznix SourceForge site where he hosts his download files. And where we are supposed to grab ’em from. Mhm. :/

Now I was really looking forward to review a new fancy Debian Linux distro and maybe recommend it for y’all. But no, not so fast young Orcsi. Maybe it’s best to wait for the final release of Debian 10 Buster and then look into it and its n00b-friendliness. Until then may I ask the little bit more advanced among you to swap your usual Mint 19.1 for Mint’s LMDE3 version. It’s almost the same as the usual Ubuntu-based release, also features the friendly Cinnamon desktop, but is based on the legendary stable Debian.

Or, maybe even better, let’s wait for the release of Debian 10, when Buster becomes stable. Only one little caveat: Those stupid Debian stability freaks still haven’t committed to a definite release date yet. 😦

So nothing new on the Linux front today. I mean of course I want you all, every last one of you, to download, install and play with as many Linux distros as possible. Be bold, dare to do  new things, dive into the fanciest of the fancy operating systems available right now. When Orca recommends you use Mint it’s really just that: A recommendation. A perfectly good one, as every expert can attest to. But still just a recommendation. And with roundabout 600 listed Linux distros available right now there are sure some which will meet your personal demand much better then Mint, Ubuntu, MX and Manjaro among them. See, your editrix found her personal favourite in an obscure little ArchLinux derivative that is on #184 in the DistroWatch charts. So if you feel well and know your way around in your Mint install, why not stretch your feelers out a bit more? See if other fathers might not also have pretty daughters?

Not sayin’, just sayin’. 😉


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