Second Life Destinations – Medieval Roleplaying

Aloha, knights n lovely princesses of the dark times.

Look what The Lab wants us to look at today:

Uiuiui! 😮 Brutal. 😦 And not very true to real history since they have a lotta female warriors there in Mistyvale. Asking me, I rather go sailing and sit in my onsen (once it’s finished). 😉

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Journey back to medieval times for fantasy roleplaying in Second Life. Not familiar with Second Life? Discover incredible experiences, fascinating people, and vibrant communities in this vast virtual world created by people just like you.


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Featured in the video: Misty Vale and the White Armory


CREDITS: Video Production: Draxtor Despres

Oh, and I don’t like horses. :/

“Dangerous on both ends, crafty in the middle.”



  1. “And not very true to real history since they have a lotta female warriors there in Mistyvale.” That could be forgiven… but boob-armour and jousting without a helmet? That is only acceptable in poledancing and Micheal Bay movies…

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      • To be fair – that is not how Masamune Shirow drew her in the first place … OK he drew her with even more skin showing on several occasions.

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        • Yes, she was hardly recognizable in Alpha. That rack!!! Who cares, Applesseed was never that strong a franchise and they broke the narration with Alpha anyway. Was a fine, very well done, anime gangster flick and we watch it every couple years and still giggle about it. It’s a nice lighhthearted, hard hitting companion piece to GitS and nothing more. Like when Briareaos and Deunan are supposedly running around in the background in some GitS movie. 😉 I never noticed it and am much too lazy now to rewatch it all.

          Needless to say I guess we all pefered the lean mean, hungry fighting machine Deunan from the first movie, when she was a dirty punk and found in the wastelands by Olympus police. I personally always liked her better than the arrogant major Kusanagi Motoko.


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