Get Yerself a Newer Old Computer, You Fukn Slowpoke!

Yaya, we know Linux is the saviour of machines from the IT museum. But we won’t overdo it with the nostalgia so do you?

After mothership Ubuntu, now naughty daughter Mint follows in dropping 32-bit distro releases.

Come on guys, be real. I bet not even your oldest bricked doorstop is a 32-bit machine. And even if you still have such shit laying around, well you’ve got a grace period up to April 2023, when Ubuntu 18.04’s LTS (Mint’s base code) support will end. And in 2023 you’ll have enough woolongs put aside to get a cheapo 64-bit machine from the used car dealer of your trust.

But if you finally wanna check out Linux – as everybody with some sense recommends – and your testing computer is really, like really really, seriously old, you’ll still find a friend in Linux Mint.

Just don’t wait too long! 😐



  1. 🙂 Well, Linux Mint was supporting the 32-bit versions of their operating system for quite a long time (Which is way after Ubuntu stopped supporting theirs).

    2020 seems to be a reasonable time period to end support for the 32-bit versions of Linux Mint or any Linux distribution for that matter.

    I hope that those people with their old 32-bit computers come across the cash to purchase a 64-bit computer.

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    • Oh god, child! 😮 Don’t tell me you’re one of them, one of those, you know ‘ewig gestrigen’ who keep their outdated computers alive by installing outdated OSes on them? Pleez no!

      Far as I know primitive Xfce shows no speed advantages over fancy Mate.

      But anyway, how can Xubuntu keep supporting 32-bit when mothership Ubu cancels the supply?


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