You and Me and Tilia

Oh my, ohmyohmy … what the flock?

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This is about money and rules and regulations and all that dreadful stuff and is naturally far above Orca’s sexy stupid little noggin. I didn’t know about account changes and Tilia until just 5 minutes ago, when I received blog notifications by Inara (of course she knows Tilia-Logoall about everything) and Amanda (who also knows a lot, at least a lot more than Orca), who are both far better equipped for explainifying all that shit to you. Oh, and there is also some or the other hullabaloo going on in the SL forums.Ā  People are confuzzled on 5 pages already, and the thread is growing. Maybe it would be recommendable to risk a peek into that snake pit … at least it used to be a snake pit before I was banned from it. Well, seems the lifelong ban bad been lifted so I’ll see what I can do to bring it back to old glory.

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But, ugh, that’s not important right now as The Lab has introduced new money policies via their subsidiary Tilia. Fuk me sideways if I knew what that means for little people like us. I guess it’s about cashing money out of SL and higher fees and all that … or is that only regarding USWoolongs … or ā‚¬uros as well? And what if I’m just too lazy and stubborn and don’t wanna care about all that monetary shit? I get my 300 weekly Woolongs and I pay 72 Woolongs anually for the admirable status of being a glorious superduper resident. Must I still do anything and focus on filling in any electronic formulars? Me, the queen of bullshit, SL landowner, influencer, opinionmaker, bloggo editrix? They want me to do whaaaaat? Shit man, this is all so fukn confusing. šŸ˜®

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Can please anyone, please, explainify the world to me, and what’s going on? But please use simple short words only, my comprehension level is on a 3 mth old toddler level.

Thank you in advance.



  1. IRS demands more trasparency by LL, LL cannot provide. So they started a subsidiary company which can. This won’t stop money laundering in SL any more than LLs own actions did before, but the formal needs of Trumpistan must be fullfilled else the terrorists win.

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