Use Netflix

… to test your internet speed!



Hmm, the test by, powered by Netflix, appears to be a bit more honest and based in reality than …


… Ookla’s provider-friendly (pseudo) test. At least that is what these resluts, ascertained inside a timeslot of two minutes, showing us. And I know why: RocketNet rep told us to call them and complain as soon as speeds are slower than 18 Mbps. So Ookla makes it possible that our connection will never be show slower than 18 Mbps, no matter what. :/

So in reality we’re internetting with only 15 Mbps. 😦



    • Well, same as every ISP around the globe they claim speeds of “up to”, not guaranteed minimum speed. And we’re generally very happy with our new fibre connection. So much better than ADSL, and little to no fluctuation. And no more oversaturation and trottling neither.

      Oh, and Netflix’s servers are in the US, no? So I guess it’s normal not to reach top speed on a overseas connection.

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