The World Sailing Show – July 2019

Ahoy my dear fraggles,

summer’s in full swing now, at least in your parts of the world (while Lucy and me are sitting around the fireplace to avoid freezing to death), so let’s go down to the beach and sail watch other people sailing. In the July show we get to see some high class international racing events with the hottest boats and lots of action:

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00:54 52 Super Series in Menorca

03:54 Hempel World Cup Series, Marseille

09:14 Bol D’or Mirabaud

11:30 Sail GP New York

15:02 Nekton Mission, Seychelles

18:00 Lowell North Tribute/Sodebo update

20:06 Rolex Giraglia

The 52 Super Series is the world’s leading grand prix monohull circuit and a new season gets underway in Menorca. With a record fleet and new boats and sailors this five-event circuit will be gripping. Staying in the Mediterranean we travel to Marseille for the Hempel World Cup Series finale to see who will be stepping onto the podium across 10 Olympic classes. There’s also high drama on Lake Geneva at the Bol d’Or Mirabaud as a storm rips across the course. And The World Sailing Show takes a rare trip underwater in the Seychelles to explore the depths with Nekton Mission which is looking at global environmental data capture. And the million dollar boat race hits New York as SailGP reaches the halfway stage in the battle for sailing’s biggest cash prize.

Hoohah! xoxoxo


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