2019 Blake Sea Raft Up

The Raft Up area on a 4-sims corner was still empty but already like super laggy. :/

Ahoi seamen and seawomen,

you’ve heard about the annually happening Raft Up in Blake Sea-Haggerty and neighboring sims. I guess it’s for the benefit of RfL or so and draws a lot of sailors from all over the grid. Dunno when I exactly attended my last Raft Up but I noticed back then there were much more and much diverse sailboats in attendence while this time I noticed mostly motorboats and only a handful of sailboats … and most of them from only one wharf, Kain’s and Analyse’s Mesh Shop. But I’ve gotta admit, I was there in the early hours and suffered such bad lag, I took a handful of snapshots and logged off again. :/

I met up with Lucy in – where else – Triumphal to sail east to the Blake Sea.
Excuse me for indulging in my Class40 design by Bianca.
More of my fancy Class40. 😉
The map already shows some hubbub in Blake, and a little while later we were in for the accompanying laaaag. 😦
Foneco ‘ZZ Bottom’ Zuzu showed her latest fancy floating creation: A navigable houseboat in Bellisseria style.
This funky Tri says Virtual Race but seems to be a party barge in the first place.
Kain ‘Dutchie’ Xenobuilder’s liveaboard cat makes a nice party barge as well.
The central party hub. Still empty at this early time.
Two of the Bandit/Mesh Shop boats with Fastnet Rock lighthouse in background.
I can’t really remember if this super nice 60’s SciFi powerboat was built by Ana or Dutch. Doesn’t matter, it really looks fancy.

Yeah, after I did my journalistic duty the lag so overwhelmed me, I just logged off, without even cleaning up. Sorry to the janitor on duty. =^.^=



  1. Great pictures and thank you for your coverage, it was a bit laggy at first no doubt but it did clear up nicely in the 2nd and 3rd hours

    Liked by 1 person

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