It Can Happen!

You know … neither Kim nor Trump are in my very small group of favourite people. Quite the contrary, I seriously dislike both of ’em and what they stand for. But see how it is possible to meet and see eye-to-eye and act almost like reasonable human beings, if not corrupted by assholes Bolton and Pompeo … and I guess Kim faces some hardliners on his side too.

Trump personally invades N. Korea! 😮

Let me quickly quote one of the comments on that video:

Dialogue is important however the attempted coup in Venezuela is indicative of why Kim Jong Un will maintain his nuclear arsenal in place for any possible threat coming from the US.

Wise move by Kim, very wise. You can’t be cautious enough when dealing with notorious bullshitters like American politicians. Fortunately such meetings with good friends are never awkward. So why is my skin crawling?

Oh, and the US press was misbehaving as usual:
… wtf is wrong wiff dat video? Just won’t show! 😮 fuxn YouTube. 😦

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