Google Officially Confirmed EVIL! Step Away From Chrome You Fools!!!

So if only Chrome still works in the future, you just switch to Chrome completely. It’s your most beloved browser anyway, right?


Fuk nooooo!!!

Once Google has corrupted the web and completed their monopoly, they will have all the power. They can decide what you can watch, must/must not watch on the internet, they decide what’s on the web and what’s not. That’s corporate fascism, a digital dictatorship.

You want that?

Switch to Firefox and similar browsers and alternative search engines before it’s too late!



    • Good question, Andreas. Chromium is Open Source software, but still owned and brought to you by the evil corporate overlord Google.

      Wiki writes:

      “Chromium is Google’s open-source web browser project. It is a fully functional browser on its own and supplies the vast majority of code for the Google Chrome browser. The two browsers have always had some differences, as indicated by their names: chromium is the metal used to make chrome plating.[5]

      The Chromium code is also widely used by other parties to create their own browsers. Many vendors use the code in a similar manner as Google, while others simply build it as-is and release browsers with the Chromium name.

      The user interface is minimalist because Google wanted its browser to “feel lightweight (cognitively and physically) and fast”.[6]”

      I wouldn’t trust it any more than the real Chrome.


    • Ya, I’ve heard good things about it. It’s that Mac browser, isn’t it?

      But, come on, it’s the year of the good lord twothousandandfuknnineteen, we should and we can expect from our browsers that they function without a hiccup. And that’s not even the concern when talking about Chrome, Chromium and other Googleshit, it’s the total loss of privacy, the fact that you’re treated like cattle and that Google will soon in complete autonomy decide what we get to view on the internet and what isn’t appropriate for us, and they must safe us from being infiltrated by anything Google doesn’t like. And, thank you, I still very much wanna decide that for myfuknself!

      How did the wise man say: Politically Correctness is nothing but fascism with good manners.


        • Oh yes yes, stupid me always confuses the shit. Never tried anything but Firefox since the days of it’s ancestor … of which I also forgot the name now … Netflix or so …


        • Thanks, Fionalein!

          Orca – I find what Google is doing to be really sinister but if enough folks make a lot of noise, maybe they will rethink things.

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          • I’ve de-googled my life as far as possible, Moz. But but but they have such adorable and useful stuff, it’s hard to say no to Google. I’m for example spending too much time on YouTube. :/


            • I tried to stay away from them but back when google ate up Blogger I suddenly had a Google account – then the GDPR happened and I had to kill my blog due fear of getting sued. Now Blog is gone and my Google account remains…

              Latest stupidity: “SECURITY ALERT ! We detected someone using your password to get access to your Google Mail account with untrusted software!”

              Duh, yeah? Could have been … me?

              … btw. “untrusted” – those weirdos – I trust the Modzilla Foundation far more than them…

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              • “Now Blog is gone and my Google account remains…”

                Mhm, yes. They are like clingy ex-lovers. Kinda creepy. 😮

                “Latest stupidity: “SECURITY ALERT ! We detected someone using your password to get access to your Google Mail account with untrusted software!””

                Yes again. I get this warning each and every time I install some Linux distro and check out Thunderbird. Some asshole was using my password to log in from my computer at my home. I may be a stupid housewife but I can play with computers too, don’t I? Fukn asshole was fukn ME!!! Idiots. :/

                ” I trust the Modzilla Foundation far more than them…”

                Moz Foundation did some pretty shitty, greedy shit lately, and they are still at it. Nowadays you can’t trust nobody. Always when Open Source and Linux stuff becomes institutionalized with foundations and other interest groups by them Americanos, you can bet your sexy ass things are about to go downhill. Guess why me and millions of other Firefox users are frantically searching for an alternative. And I’ve got the Waterfox ready to go; just one click and I’m on that browser. It’s just that I’m too settled and spoiled by FF’s creature comforts to switch that easily to any of its less luxurious offspring. :/


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