Free Spirit Cup …

… is over. It’s done.

You know, I haven’t watched a single race in the whole long series, despite being following their site. But, hey, that’s my perogative, as a non-racing, hardly even sailing, member of the SL Sailing Community. But here’s my question to all my fellow TrYC members:

Did anyone of you attend the cup races, did we send a TrYC racing team? We did it in the past, you know? With extra designed outfits for team and fans and with specially designed TrYC boats and all the hullabaloo of a professionally managed racing team.

Very nice web presence, how come TrYC isn’t on it?

So, not dissing Lucy, she’s doing her weeklies and we’re all thankful and proud of her for that. But as far as I know we’re still over 400 members in TrYC, how come we don’t have at least a little core group of RDs and a racing team? Remember the Blue Marlins? Why are we/you so fukn lame?

Just one Blue Marlins crew.

Here we have SL, technically more besterer than it ever was, lots of established race courses, super boats, most yacht clubs still more or less in existence. Particularly TrYC has still a reputation as a non-Blake club, all about “sailing first”, a nice startline with dozens of race charts to choose from … and nobody but Lucy makes use of the infrastructure? Serious?

Sammie and Orca in Blue Marlins wetsuits.

I still remember times, not too long ago when the Triumphal lagoon was a hub of sailing activities, daily races, our own team, sailing academy, very active club leadership and directors and you could always find the one or other member being busy at the club.

We used to have busy schedules.

Either practicing starts, working on their boats, taking LMs to create new race courses, and whatnot activities. Or some people hanging out in front of the clubhouse, experimenting with illegal substances …

Sammie and Orca planning activities in Triumphal

Gawd, I’m missing that spirit. :/

Orca’s Q-2m in TrYC Blue Marlins design.

When was the last time you spontaniously engaged in a 4some?

Rosie used to RD for TrYC.

Back when Orca was a hungry revolutionary …

Back when Jane made PHRF handicap tables for all SL sailing boats …

Qyv’s M24 was the reference with a PHRF factor 1.


Back when Orca was still fancy
Another TrYC boat: Charlz’ Super Leggero.

Not sayin’, just asking why the fük can’t the new SL residents be as active and quirky as we once were???



    • Indeed.
      It was another time, other people. Dunno what happened, we’re basically all the same as we were back then. Only that nobody has time anymore to just hang out on the docks, gets drunk or just play with their boats. I blame the modern mesh builds for a huge part. It’s nearly impossible to even paint your boat yourself anymore. We developed from a DIY society to a society of marketplace sheeples. The esprit de corps is lost and gone now. 😐

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  1. I was the crew in one of the teams and we started it with enthusiasm. We had a special design for our FS and clothes. The races were at a private area.
    Actually everything was good prepared for a great event. But it took 4 months to find the winner out of just 5 teams.
    Well… I better don’t comment it more. But I can say I learned a lot for my solo sailing and I will think much longer about joining it next time.

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    • Only 5 teams??? OMfG! 😮

      Was obviously a matchrace event … or multiple events. I found those always particularly problematic for SL implementation, coz they are for a very small circle of contenders only. In normal races you can just join and race with many others. The more the merrier. But mach races are only for two boats at a time, and the organizers got to match their time schedules to schedule a match. Those proceedings can take very long, which renders it a sport mostly for audiences more than sailors. But since SL is a world of doers, not of passive watchers, match races, like the America’s Cup for example, never caught on.

      And the learning effect is questionable in my eyes. Traditionally match races were kinda already decided before the start, because the milling time was used to jockey for position and protest the other boat as much as possible so they get lots of penalties. And your tactics en route are also different because you don’t care much about speed and clever route planning but exclusively to stay in front of the competition. That has led to some absurd situations in the past, and that’s the reason why the America’s Cup always was and still is a multimillionaire’s hobby. It’s more about ego than about sailing and most races are decided in court in front of a judge, instead of on the water.

      And with the invention of new foiling multihulls even the chessplaying prestart fights went away, since those contraptions aren’t very maneuverable. 😦
      Catamarans? Foils? Come on, this is shit and has nothing to do with match racing. Only good thing America’s Cup has ever achieved is in technical development and evolution since the team owners are sinking millions into their ego-duels.


      • i agree with all you say about rl match racing and Americas Cup.

        If you wanna make it interesting in SL you need a boat that needs an active Crew, so you need a good practice and communication. Not many boats in sl have that.

        The idea of it was good and i mentioned already what was positive for me in this event. Well i have many ideas how i would do it differently, but i dont have the time for it. Thats why i dont say much more about it.

        Oh and winner of the Challenger series and organiser of this event are both from NYC. Only a fact not more.

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        • Yay, NYC was always one of my most favourite YCs. Well, apart from MBYC and TrYC of course. But of the former USS, now Blake Sea, clubs NYC’s always been my favourite.


          • well here i cant agree anymore. First as the RD of KTYC i can not see a better YC than ours and second the times have changed, but unfortunately some YC havent really noticed and realised that.

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            • “KTYC”

              “times have changed”
              Ya, to the worse.

              “some YC havent really noticed and realised that.”
              Mhm, fortunately I retired from all my duties before that happened, and now I can observe you youngsters and newcomers struggling with upholding a tradition and sailing community you never were part of and never experienced firsthand. =^.^=

              … and there it showed again, Orca’s unhealthy disgust for all people born after 1970 and joining SL 2009 and later …



              • yes i wasnt here in your mentioned old times, but i am here now. Your question “KTYC – WHO?” is the main point.

                You can read in all history books that who didnt match with changing times disappeared at least some chapters later in the same books.

                The number of races has exploded since summer 2018 while the number of sailors stayed more or less constant. And because there are still only 7 days a week and only some sweet time spots per day to get most sailors from all over the world, most races have only small number of boats.

                I tried to do some cooperations with some other Clubs. Half of the organisation work for each club, double fun for the sailors because they see two Areas (changing weekly) and half of the number of races. But i guess this idea was either too complicated, too modern or it was just a question of it wasnt their idea. They all still cook their one soup.

                A lot of races organised by the old YCs at Blake have only a little number of boats per race and mostly the same experts as always. Areas like North Sea or we at KTYC have an incresing number of boats and always Fresh faces who stay.
                What makes this difference? Well keep it simple for the sailors. Either always the same wind (North Sea) or just one course per class race and weekely changing beginners friendly winds (KTYC). People dont get too much confused and can concentrated on racing.
                If you have crazy and challenging winds and every week new complicated courses like they did it already in the past People get confused more than it gives them the chance to have fun and learn racing.

                I am not saying the new times are better or worse, just different and i think we ned to be open for new creative ideas or some of us will be disappear in the next SL history book chapters.

                hugs and kisses

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                • I can only partly agree with you. Firstly because I don’t think sailraces are the place to relax but supposed to be challenging and complex. This also depends on the chosen boats. Some boats (BBK wind) are super beginners friendly and some others (WWC) are hard to learn. As RD I mostly made races for newcomers but not always the same courses. Wind can’t be changed or shouldn’t be changed because SL startlines are mostly fixed in place and usually sailraces start upwinds. Maybe the sailing community is like it is now since most sailors don’t know the basic principles. When I joined SL and found sailing I guess most sailors were RL sailors as well, me included.

                  But we also did a lot to get new people in, with group and single sailing lessons, seminars, academies and stuff. And many ppl could be seen practicing the start … for hours. Yes, some of us were kinda obsessive about sailing. And we had huge cup events that sometimes went on for weeks, and we had kinda naval courts, adn judges to watch huge races and were able to make decisons on the spot. And the SLCG kept the course safe by blocking it for rogue boaters. And we had hovering patforms flying in the air above racecourses. Oh and many watchers. And of course huge events always ended in a big pricegiving and mega party. This spirit, eagerness and expertise has somehow disappeared, together with our ancestors.

                  But what I notice the most is that we hardly have any boatwrights anymore. In the olden days TYC was famous for many aspiring boatbuilders, and we also had many commercially successful ones. Either on modiefied Tako scripts (Trudeau), WWC scripts (Mothgirl’s Fizz and many others) or BBK (masses of small hobby builders). Nowadays there are Dutch and Ana … who else? The Japanese have mostly totally disappeared from SL, no idea if Jacqui Trudeau still does anything.And my fave Qyv Inshan (Quest Marine) seems to be gone as well. :/ So your choice of boats nowadays is also very limited and mostly rather unappealing.

                  Oh,, and the web presence: 😮 We used to have the forum, a sailing magazine, many sailing blogs, even homepages by the boatbuilders and the clubs. It was a joy to read Jane’s boat reviews and technical analyses. All that ended kinda in 2010 or shortly after. 😦

                  Here, an exampleof a very old blog, Jane Fossett’s Metaverse Sailing started already in 2007 and full of information and newness. 🙂 Here’s her first month:

                  Good times ^.^


                  • Maybe there was a lot more in the past and it was better, but thats the past. Now its different and it wont help to talk how good it was.

                    We have to deal with today, the boats we have and the people who come to races. I tried a Quest M24 race, but cancelled it after a while again because nobody came anymore.

                    But tst a fact that some have many sailors in their races and others dont have and there are significant differences between those races..
                    I dont care if others agree with my opinion. I am pleased with our races and the people love to race with us. If things will change i will look at diferences as well and do my changes. I am open for new things and dont regret the old times are dead.

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                    • I know quite well the old times are over and done with, Bianca, but I like to wallow in nostalgia sometimes. And it was all better absolutely not! Sometimes the lag and the borders was so bad, many races didn’t even see a single survivor. And the whole state of the internet was completely different.At least for me it was. My connection was super slow, my lappy was super bad and sailing a race was unthinkable for me. A normal sim crossing took me out of the active race for at least 20 seconds before I could regain control over my boat. And the boats were often of the wearable sort, since vehicles could only have 32 prims but really good yachts had up to 256 or more, so we sat on a sailing base and wore the rest of the boat. :/

                      The only thing that indeed was better back then was the community itself. Quirky and active and everyone was like superduper motivated to do stuff.
                      Ppl weren’t expecting to get everything served on a silver platter back then. That’s how I became an RD in the first place: All race were at US times, so I started my own races in Mowry Bay, in EU friendly timeslots. Never wanted to be a RD but if I wanted to race at humanely possible times I had to do it.


  2. Well here in the deep cuntry side where i live, my connection is still slow, but i got used to sail with it and am quite successful.
    Same reason for me why i organise the races at KTYC. My times and my ideas.
    Well and its true not many left who are motivated to do something for the community. Its more a fight between the Clubs for being the best… well one day they will shoot into their own feet with that and wont walk much further…
    I am tired of discussing things others dont want to see and do my Things… and not too bad i think…
    And coming back to the first blog here…. The Free Spirit Cup was a good idea, but unfortunately that was the last really good thing with it. Only 5 Teams, no real concept,, all the time last minute changes and no real time plan.
    I learned much about sailing the FS during practicing with my skipper for the races… second positive of that event…
    But i will think about joining it again very long and will sleep over it many nights…

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    • “my connection is still slow”

      Slow is one thing, latency is more important, and here from SA, we’re never under 300 m/s! And that is killer when you gotta react very fast in head to head racing and sim xings.

      “Only 5 Teams, no real concept,, all the time last minute changes and no real time plan.”

      That’s too bad. Their web presence looked very nice and gave me a kinda professional impression of the organisation. But obviously they had to go thru that and learn that match racing isn’t a good idea in the context of SL.
      Remember Don Berithos and his ACA campaign? Didn’t learn from the fact that the real ACA organisation did the same already a few years earlier, rented a handful sims and held their event quasi in private since interest by the sailing community was hovering around zero. Well, Don … in the end he spent lotsa money, made even more enemies with his bullying mindset and was muted by almost everybody … but never got his SL version of the ACA off the ground. But we all laughed our asses off when some real ACA boat took him aboard as guest and he was flushed overboard by a freak wave. They showed it on TV. =^.^=

      Well, at least in Free Spirit Cup you were all forced to learn many new rules and a totally new set of tactics. I bet all 5 attending crews are better and more cleverer sailors now. Not that it helps much in normal fleet racing, but you got what you got.


      • well i have 3Mbit/s download speed… and thats just a fast Abacus…

        oh yes and i am happy i learned much for the FS and some i can use for single sailing as well.

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        • 3 Mb is indeed preeeeety slaaaaoooooooow… but but but aren’t we supposed anyway, not to dial in any fatser speeds than 500 kb for SL connection? For sailing and any other vehicle usage it’s all about your latency, and for that a client in the states is unbeatable and an independent client, like all connectivity from Africa (routing via London UK or Hong Kong PRC), is clearly worse. Can you believe it, the whole continent isn’t deemed worthy to pout down a direct fibre cable to the USA. So our fancy schmancy glass fibre box comes with all the advances but direct connectivity to the heart of the internet. 😦


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