Hero Cops

USA! … USA! … US ugh 😮

This video is somehow beyond sad. Let’s peek into the Twitter twatter …


Every other country: “Oi Oma, sorry to disturb you but you’re not permited to cut flowers in a public park. Go home and lay waste to your own friggin garden!”

Americacountry: *Zapp, swoosh! Arrest, criminal court, homeland security … OMG terrorists! 😮

It’s predicted that 2050 will be the year civilisation’s gonna end. I only wonder if we still have that much time left and if hopefully the prediction was only for the USA. :/

And honoured Anne Whitney Lyman: The most revolting thing here is your grammar. And, btw, we get it you’re not a Putin troll but an anti-Putin troll. Believe me that Putin doesn’t plan any of these things. He doesn’t need to since American society is absolutely capable of self-destruction. :/ Go, ask the police in question when they were last in contact with the Kremlin and what instructions they got from Putin. I bet you just get empty stares. 😐



  1. Fun fact: The Taser webpage is blocked in Bavarian state internez so our police doesn’t even get tempted to google that crazy stuff…

    Found out when we tried to find out how save a taser would be as an option to chase away an aggressive bear (no you do really really do not want to walk up to it 5 meters with only one shot and questionable outcome – you would not want to walk up to that distace with a peaceful bear)

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    • So you’re one of those mountain dwelling Bavarians, eh? Well, that’s your perogative. 😉 Anyhoo, I was most shocked to hear that Bavaria has the power to block websites … commercial websites … which is bad for business and human rights. 😮

      And yes, I’ve heard about the “problem bear” and how they dealt with it. 😦 Instead of admitting that we’ve created the situation and the bear was just acting instinctively and according to his natural disposition, they just shot him dead. Doesn’t sound like a problem bear to me but more like problem state depts. Imagine next time one of your car tyres blows out … on the autobahn … in rush hour … and you’re creating a hold-up. Makes you a problem citizen … needs to be killed … same as that fukn teddy. 😐

      We wanna avoid that, don’t we?


    • Oh! 😮

      So you’re telling me we’re too late, living in a Mad Max apocalypse already?
      At least hubby and me have the right car for that wild adventure. 🙂

      But we’ve already had a civilisaton collapse in middle medieval times:


        • Uh yes, and I was torturing my brain about how civilisation would collapse in already pretty much kinda civilized times and why I’ve never heard about that fission in our development. LOL


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