A New Me

Didn’t know for sure, so I wanted to test out how media works for unrelated visitors to my parcel. But what if you’re in SL and nobody else is? Make a new avatar of course. Nice little project.

ยกHola! Meet my youngest sister Nudelschnepfe. If you were German you’d be ROFLing right now.
Boah, boring learning center. What do they think I am, a fukn n00b? And everybody here looks like a clone of myself. Or am I the clone? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Better get outta here …
… and to eldest sister Orca her place in Lori. Got stuffz to do.
First order of bizniz tho, is getting out of the bourgeois travel costume. Gotta have a peek at my new body and am quite sure Orca will understand. She’s not inworld anyway. That girl is so fukn lazy, always busy in that imaginary RL thing. Blogging she says. ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL, what a weak excuse. :/
Ok, job well done. I can lookywatchy famous VJ Orca’s playlist in TV. That girl is a bonafide SLelebrity, a real avastar (so she claims). :/ Weird, never heard of her before today. Obviously highly delusional and dangerous manic depressive or sumfink.

Of course I had to start media manually since n00bie me didn’t have autoplay activated. And the fullscreen picture I also had to activate myself on the YT screen. :/ But principally all is okay and as many wannabe Video jockeys have already experienced in the past, as soon as you have more than just a handful ppl at your place, there’s always one or the other sweet summer child with no clue and just too innocent to get anything running in their viewer. You can talk to them for hours and ruin the party for everyone else, they can’t even watch a simple video. Sorry, it is like that. ๐Ÿ˜


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