Sorry, But Are You Totally Fuked in the Brain?

Here! Look at this shit. Look at it!!!

About 3 million alarms went off!


  • You can’t buy MS Office but must rent it?
  • You have to store your documents online, in the fukn cloud?
  • MS allows you gracefully to rent the storage space from them?
  • You still wanna be on Windows?

LOL, you know me. And you know I’d have to say so much about this shit. So sooo much! And you also know I’m a fair and softspoken little lady, so I will refrain from commenting on this latest moneygrab by the Redmonders. Know what? I won’t even tell you fools for the umpteenth time to get away from Windows and use Linux instead. Not even telling you to replace commercial MS Office with free and open Libre Office. I’ve given you those alternatives countless times by now, and everybody still on Windows doesn’t deserve to be saved anyway.

But hey, if you’re so desperate spending all your money for software I’ve got a cool dealio for you. In fact I’ll make you an offer you can’t resist: For the minimal sum of hmm, let’s say a thousand Linden Woolongs I’ll send you the latest ISO file of Linux Mint 64-bit, Mate or Cinnamon, or the LMDE II version, per email directly to your address. What you’re saying, you can download the shit for free from Mint’s website and it would be immoral for me to sell you a basically free good?

Mhm, that is so. Absolutely correct. And now we all shut up and think about what Microsoft does basically so differently from my little moneymaking scheme?

BTW, if you really can’t figure out how to obtain a Linux ISO file, please send me your email addy and I’ll send you the file as email attachment. Of course for fukn free. 🙂

Going From Windows 10 to Linux |


  1. Er no ,you can still buy the regular MS Office, but MS offered a cloud version (MS Office 356) for free. Apparently that was just a bait and now you can pay to rent add on services.

    Well I won’t let my documents be processed by a cloud – but apparently others – even companies – have no problem with that.

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    • “but apparently others – even companies – have no problem with that.”

      Mhm. Typical.

      It’s only our clients’ slash customers’ data, so who cares? And when something breaks and leaks we can still join the teary whiney choir and curse modern technology and fire our IT guys or do something equally pointless and symbolic – but virtue signaling – that’ll make us look good in the media. If it comes to the worst we might even lose the one or other VP (which will be forced to spend the rest of their lifes in exile (luxury retreat on some carribean island paradise).

      Thanks for the info, Fiona. But say, how come you know so much about Microsoft and their costly products? As a proud GNU/Linux and FOSS fighter I expected you to ignore everything from that unsanitary corner of the software bizniz. 😦


        • Those Chinese. :/ Clever bastards n all. Thinking they have the answer to every problem on the planet … which is mostly true.
          My way of dealing with American tek corps is less elegant but equally efficient: I just assume the worst and stay clear of ’em. So far I’ve yet to be proven wrong. 🙂


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