*EDIT!* The Big MX-Linux Experience! Pt. II … and End! :/



MX Linux 18.2 released; includes updated Debian 9.8 (stretch ...
Not Orca’s computer.

Boy, what huge big plans I had with and for MX-Linux. But in the end I didn’t like it any better than at earlier occasions and decided to stop my long-term testing already before starting doing research for this 2nd part of the story.

And I’ll tell you why:

There’s still the question of the desktop environment. For me as a volunteering non-reader of user manuals I can’t proper figure out what it is. Feels like an unfortunate bastard child of Xfce and LXLE, pretty barren and rid of functionality. Hey, I can understand the need for ultralight OSes but MX kinda overdoes it. As if Xfce alone wouldn’t be already bad enough. :/

MX Linux on Twitter: "Fun hint: try neofetch instead of ...
Not Orca’s computer!

And that is already a no-deal scenario for me … and most new users too, I guess. In times of fancy, easy to operate Mate and Cinnamon desktops, we don’t have any need to crawl back into our stone age cave. Listen, I knew people once thought it was coolio, but we won’t re-introduce asbestos in our workplaces and offices neither, or would you?

MX-17 Linux Review. Wow, I Love It!
Not Orca’s desktop.

I know this sounds like a cheap excuse not to investigate the MX-Linux distro any further but for me the desktop is the deciding make-or-break point of any distro. It’s the direct interface, we work on it every single minute of every day. Yeah, I know real power users don’t give a flying fuk about the desktop, they are never even touching their mice and are 100% keyboard warriors. But we are fukn stupid housewives, we’re looking for a better, more luxurious alternative to Windows and MacOS. We have nothing to prove but we have demands!

And MX disappoints in that regard. It’s Debian. Bravo, good for it. Obviously runs super and never crashes and is save and secure. There might also be a dozen of super duper problem solvers hidden in MX’s intestines, what good does all that do me if I can’t find them in a few seconds? Not without reading the manual. 😦

Checking out MX Linux 17 beta2 - YouTube
Also not Orca’s computer.

Listen, I’m not out and about declaring a jihad on MX, far from. I see why and  how it is the fukn #1 in the DistroWatch chart, it obviously does many things right and hits the tastebuds of many users. Not mine though; and I guess not yours neither.

The original Debian project will release a new version shortly. The long-awaited number 10 is rumoured to come with a real installer (Calamares?), which will make it accessible for Linux dummies like Orca and her housewives club. And once we have that thing, I guess we’ll see many new developments of bringing us easily installable Debians with all our favourite desktops and we won’t have to deal with overly complicated shit like MX. Anyone who’s ever installed Mint’s LMDE version knows what a pleasure it is to use and how cool Debian is as a base system. The future looks pretty good.

So please allow me to bow out of my self-declared long-term test and review of MX-Linux.

Deffo NOT Orca’s operating system! 😦

PS: Cleverer Linux user Karmi isn’t too happy with his MX install neither it seems. :/


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