Try Linux for Realsies!

Hoohoo, bros and sissies,

after the last video, that only got you so far, you surely ran out and gotz yourselves a funky little shitmachine, right? And now you’re supposed to use it and install Linux Mint on it. Great …

So, this is real now. For realz!!! You’re gonna wipe the hard drive of whatever might be on it and start over with a nice and clean little Minty freshness. And again the guy is so patient and explains everything … meanwhile /me’s brain assplodes! 😮

But whatever, in the end he and you ends up with a functional Linux system on his computational machine … and what a coolio Linux it is. Welcome to your new home, peepels. 😉

And no shit, this is the best the Linux world has to offer you. Of course nothing is perfect but so far Mint is the closest thing to perfection for everybody. Particularly when you’re coming from Win7 (it was the bestest Win, right?) it all will look and work in strangely familiar ways, just faster, less crashy, less complicated, less intrusive and with a lot less ballast and bloat and stupid questions.

The new Windows Vs Linux channel is really the best way to learn how to do the switchover. It’s your best chance to finally jump on the bandwaggon. And you should grab it by the horns!



  1. I am using Linux and I love it! It’s been a little bit challenging to adapt to using the terminal, but for the most part it’s a great experience (except that time I had to reinstall everything from scratch). Never going back to Windows!

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    • I was astonished to hear that you were a Windows user at all. I mean being so well-versed in all things dark web and so I really tought you must be on Linux. Well, as you know we hardly use/need the termianal anymore in Linux. Only some super geeks and Arch users spend extended times in the terminal. I use it quite often since a lot of stuff I’m doing goes faster and more elegant than in the GUI.


    • I recommend Mint for everybody but I, myself, am on Namib GNU/Linux, an ArchLinux derivative. Not everyone’s taste but I happen to love it and I wanna be the mum for ArchLinux’ children.


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