I Really Should …

… I really should log in world, get my new boat from Bianca’s paintshop, do some photos, check out the SL16B festivities and maybe catch a Linden in the auditorium, continue my Grand Tour, work on my onsen, oh, and really start in-depth testing of MX-18 Linux and try to get the Cinnamon desktop installed on top of it. Because as it is right now, in its default state, I fukn hate it. Oh well, I should do much much stuff, get going

… only NO!

15 Winnie-the-Pooh Quotes Adults Should Revisit Right Now | Fatherly

No, I won’t. Nonsense, of course I will. Sooner or later. Just not today. I should and could have done all these things already … since days. Maybe you know this mindset from your own experience. Something inside you is nagging you to get started, and principally you know exactly what to do, so it’s not even like you’re insecure and feel you’re gonna fight an unfair uphills battle, quite the contrary. If I wouldn’t know what to do, what am I in Second Life for? And why would I blog in the first place?

Uusally this is my happy place, I love to do stuff here. Not so today … or any of the past few days and I dunno how many days into the future. :/

It’s a general fatigue and mopishness, just a phase I’m going through right now that keeps me from doing all that stuff. And it’s not just SL, it’s RL as well. I should sooo clean out the garage, tidy up the garden, prune some plants, go to bed and finally sleep for some hours. I’m even too lethargic to do that. Can you imagine, being too listless to lay down and sleep? 😮

Ponder on these Winnie-the-Pooh quotes | South Coast Sun

I’m sitting directly at my happy workplace, can do a lot of stuff with just some mouseclicks, as I usually do.

But not today.

5 of the Best Life Lessons We Learned from Winnie the Pooh | Real ...I tried watching some YouTube vids, until I noticed I wasn’t really there and the whole stuff just flooded over me without me even noticing. So I was deep in thoughts or meditation? Naaaw, not even that. True, often I sit and think or meditate but right now I was just … sitting. :/

Leroy Satchel Paige Quote: “Sometimes I sit and think and other ...

So please don’t expect any great useful mediocre clever analytical  blogging from me today. 😦

PS: No, it’s not that time of the month neither, but thx for asking. 😉



    • Ya, I felt it necessary to let y’all know about my recent disposition and why I’m not posting as expected. See, there’s so much blogger in me I feel the need to post every little insignificant shit, and I’m enough of a publicity whore not to pass this golden opportunity!

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