Pinebook Pro, the $199 Linux Laptop, Gets Keyboard & Bluetooth Spec Bumps

199,- Woolong ain’t bad for a lapppy with 14.1″ screen and magnesium chassis, is it? Well, I wouldn’t buy it, since the specs are a bit on the weakish side. But otoh the Pinebooks will come with some Linux preinstalled and will even come with American keyboard layout if you want (you know those with that weird, flat Enter key) but look for yourself:

CPU, graphics and RAM and storage are all a bit ho-hum, no?

But enuff of me ranting, in all actuality you’ll get a brandspanking new Linux lappy (probably Ubuntu, bah), so you can be awesome right away. And 199 Woolong ain’t too expensive for priceless Peace of Mind, is it? Because that is, above all else, what you really purchase here. A complete carefree system for most of your mom n pop computing needs.


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