Okay, 2 computers, 2 Namib Linux installs, 2 Firefox webbrowsers with the same extensions and settings, everything set up in the same way, except the graphics driver of course. And everything on the internet – of course – looks the same. Only …

World famous Fefe Blog

Of course the upper screenshot is off MiniMax, my main rig and SL playing and blogging computer. It runs the lastest Nvidia driver for Linux and the screen is 1080 x 1920 p. This shouldn’t make a difference in showing a very very simple, minimalistic, unhackable, super secure website … but it does! 😮 Look:

World famous Fefe Blog

This screenshot is from OrcNet, my weakling Acer netbook with onboard Intel HD graphics and a 1366 x 768 p. As you can see I used the exact same url in both examples, which isn’t a wonder since they are both from the same bookmarks file.

And if you kow Fefe’s blog you’ll know that he’s not just runing a computer security firm but is old nobility in the Chaos Computer Club, the world’s most loathed group of geeky activists, human rights propagators and hackers. He has a reason to keep his blog as simple and secure as possible. It should look exactly the same, no matter on what device I show it. :/

What the actual fuk did happen here???

Can everybody do me a solid please and surf to and check for yourself how it looks on your devices. Please report back, also your ideas about what caused this anomaly, in the comment section underneath here.

Thankyouuuu xoxoxo



    • So no probs or wonky graphics for you. Hm, something definately is strange with my fukn Acer cheapo ‘puter. Time to put a new distro on it anyway. Thx for the nicely illustrated feedback, dear.


      • I have no idea how you got that retro layout. I think Fefe allowed retro layouts in the past but even surfing there with Lynx didn’t give me that colourful view. Guess it must be a presets thing – try a different browser.

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          • Sehe gerade dein update, das ist ja interessant. Aber ich kann mich beim besten Willen nicht daran erinnern, irgendwas verstellt zu haben. Alles standard bei mir.


        • Oh yeah, Fefe is a real oldstyle computer geek, the ASCII design of the lower picture looks exacty like something cooked up by him. He’s always on about how fast the early websites rendered and how little resources and storage they needed. But there is no functionality or button anywhere in his blog, allowing us to change the site layout. So … hmmm … :/
          Fortunately I wanted to do another test run with MX-Linux; I guess I put it on my travel comp, so it will get a new browser too.

          And … oh heyyyy, you a Fefe fan too? Die Welt isn Dorf, nich wahr?


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