Oubaas Makes Me Proud!

For realz. And no shit!


Had to get out this morning, get some groceries n shit. You know, we left the fridge kinda empty and it needed a refill with the most basic foodstuffs. So I drove our most favourite van to our favourite greengrocers. Oh, was I concerned and worried that our old Fordy might not start. :/ But after, like, only 5 minutes of battery misuse and a healthy dose of swearing Oubaas finally started as if nothing’s ever happened, as if it’s his most favourite thing to do. Anyway, after two weeks in Hamburg, spent on public transportation, driving that old thing again was cool fun. Someone even made a video about it. *Vroom! Vroom!*



    • Heyas darling! But I really really don’t like football, and I don’t have the least little bit of national pride for any country … and most of all I really really despise wimmin football. May the better team win and all that and all the power to them and whatever …


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