International Jetset? Pffrz. :/

Got up at 3 a.m. Made it all the way home. It’s now 00:02 a.m. and we’ve just arrived and connected our good computers before falling into bed and Zzzzzz…

What a weird travel day we had today yesterday: We were early enough at the bus stop, at 03:56, bus was there even earlier and left when we still had 100 meters to go. Asshole was supposed to go only at 3:58! 😦 It was of course the last night bus, so we walked to the airport and our terminal … which wasn’t too bad. I guess next year we wont even hassle with the bus but walk right away. So, basta!

First flight from Hamburg to Amsterdam was the usual fare: Start, fly straight for 10 minutes, receive waffle, touch down. But then, the plane to Cape Town … onboard entertainment system was kaputt! 😮

11 hours flight without movies and TV and flightplan …
Orca Flotta’s RL alter ego and pixel pusher saw a chance in the crisis, grabbed it by its horns and went to sleep right away …

*Photos by hubby. 😉

Anyhoo, I’m back in action, gotz a full inbox and will blog asap. Have some plans, new boat, continue the grand tour, new Linux distros to check out, wanna rebuild my parcel again and and and … You’ll see, it will be fun. At least for me it will be. 😉

cya in a few hours …



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