MX Linux part 4 – Seven Desktop Environments

Karmi went thru the trubbel to install seven (in words: 7) DEs to the fashionable MX Linux. Yah, we’d love to do that too, no? Because MX in its vanilla state only offers Xfce … and that’s simply not good enough for Linuxing housewives!



Linux Newbie - since 1996

First: I have created a ‘Page’ for MX Linux – small updates and MX posts will go there. Here is the link to the new MX Linux Page. The Pages Section is located just below the Posts Section, on the right side. OK, today I tested Desktop Environments (DE) on MX Linux, using the MX Package Installer – there are five Desktop Environments (DE) listed in the “Popular Applications” tab: Budgie, Gnome Base, KDE5 Standard, LXDE and MATE. Just check the box next to the DE you want, and MX Package Installer does the rest…without the need of the Command Prompt.

Did a little searching for a Cinnamon DE in the installer, and found it in the “Stable Repo” tab (after searching for “cinnamon” in search bar). I usually use Synaptic Package Manager, for installing Cinnamon DE onto other Distros, but it missed a/or/some applet/s or disklet/s when I…

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