One week to go until SL16B opens

Oh fuk! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Rarely ever do I look forward to any event with less enthusiasm than SL’s burfdai. In that regard I guess I’m in cahoots with the Lindens themselves.

For all of you interested in all the festivities our trusted reporter Daniel Voyager has collected all the available info. Read his very informed blog:

Daniel Voyager

SL16B Map โ€“ 13th June 2019

There is now exactly one week to go until the Second Life 16th birthday celebrations (SL16B) opens to the public in Second Life. It looks like Linden Lab and the Moles are running the birthday event this year from what I have been hearing. Exhibitors are still working on getting everything ready on time and the greeter training sessions are almost over.

Looking at the map of the SL16B regions with a week left to go they all look pretty nice. The Exhibitors parcels are all on the west side this year with various builds going east. There is a Linden homes / houseboats region which could have new themes on them. The love heart looks very interesting indeed.

Iโ€™m surprised there has not been a website set up for SL16B yet like in previous years. It would be great to have a placeโ€ฆ

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  1. Past events were run by instrasparent resident commitee – people were unhappy about this
    Lindens swapped in new Mole team instead. Moles now do it different – people are unhappy with this…

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