*EDIT* What Are We Thinking About This? *EDIT*

Is it a moral dilemma?

Hey frens, this ain’t exclusively a Linux prob, as everyone knows is Firefox OS agnostic. So we even invite Windows dummies and Mac bubbleheads to the discussion. Read the article and comments in OMG! ubuntu!, make up your mind and say what you want in the fanpost section of this bloggo. \o/

Wotz your fave browza? You on totally evil Gøøgle Chrome or sumfin? Anything else? And would you pay a premium fee? Why???

What, nobody’s got any thoughts? My assumingly super cool and intelligent readers nothing but a bunch of sheeples?. You know this is about THE web browser, the most used peace of software you’re using day in, day out! And you didn’t notice all the questionable decisions by the greedy, moneygrabbing Mozilla foundation?

Need a video? Here:

Now discuss!!!



    • “Fuk” Firefox if they think I’m gonna pay a monthly fee for much of anything beyond electricity, $15 a month for a prepaid Verizon phone (since 2008), ISP, and…and…well, not much else. If they wanted to maybe sell me a Firefox Browser – one time purchase with a few years of upgrades would probably do it…maybe. Right now I have Opera, Chrome, Brave, Waterfox and TOR standing by (Chrome gets used for one Blog and one Fantasy Football site and TOR for visiting Orca & other minimal surfing) – Firefox for everything else and then some; however, will never pay that monthly fee stuff. Karmi

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      • That’s the fighting spirit!

        But why o why TOR just to visit my humble – and like totally legal – bloggy? I guess clicking on Thar She Blows! isn’t forbidden yet. Anybody afraid of sometimes a tiny bit critical thinking about US foreign politics? This is a bloggo about, by and for Second Life toons and their toonish antics/shenanigans, nuffink special. 🙂


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