Sign of the Times. :/

… with a 30% price hike. 😼

Millenial demand? Oh yes, why not millenials. For those idiots with 90s nostalgia the use of actual celluloid film cameras, and B/W to top it all of, sounds probably rather romantic and artso fartso and oooh look at me with my flea market camera and my nice little bag full with film cans.

Let me tell you from the perspective of a 50+ girly who, back in the 80s, earned some money to support her student life, as a photog for a local newspaper. Had we known then how wonderful easy and safe digital photography is and how fast even colour photos are to print in a newspaper, you think we’ve went thru all the hassle with two photo lab ladies and the always present danger to lose all 36 photos on a roll due to problems, 3 – 4 photo ops, a whole day of work?

Really, I wouldn’t wanna go back in time. Ok, the cameras were something different back then, Nikon F3 and Canon F1 were bonafide heavy metal bricks you could also use as a hammer to put nails in the wall, and the optical quality of the lenses was something else. Press photog really was a job you needed some knowledge for. And physical strength, a 20 Kg photo bag wears your shoulder down quite asymmetrically. Nowadays everyone can make perfectly exposed photos … with their smartypants telephones. :/

Nikon F3 HP with Motor Drive MD-4 and Zoom Nikkor 43-86mm f.3.5 ...
I used to have 2 of those F3s around my neck, plus …
Nikon Fe Stock Photos & Nikon Fe Stock Images - Alamy
… one of those FE2, with me every day. Mine was in better condition tho. Of course all three bodies equipped with different lenses. Oh yes, we pros, we hated zoom lenses with a passion. :/



  1. You nailed it.
    For what just a single roll of film costs these days I can buy a lot of SD cards – and reuse them.
    Never mind digital being faster, easier, lighter, quicker …
    But if the youngsters want to play film photographer, let ’em.
    They have to learn somehow.

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    • Zacly, Marc. With the analogue gear you had to know how to use light and shadows and colours. And you had more or less only one chance to get it right. It’s all so easy nowadays.


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