Apple’s Monitor Stand Explained

Admittedly it’s a nice and shiny stand and you can put it in portrait mode when you’re tired of landscape or need to edit videos made by direction- and clueless smartphone videographers.

Mhm, you know that one. 999 American woolongs for a simple piece of Aluminium. We’ve all heard about it and either chuckled (reasonable people) or blushed profusely in shame (Apple customers). Only your editrix, despite her well-documented mistrust of the fruity company, was remarkably quiet during the last couple days. I mean, I never found it particularly useful to flog a dead horse, so I let the fact speak for itself and just watch this icon of misguided IT behemoth dig its own grave. And enjoy quietly. 😉

Until now; until I found this video today on boingboing:

And we all thought that meme was dead since a decade, but with Apple’s latest blunder it was no wonder someone had to revive it.

And here’s Apple’s totally new Pro accessoire:




  1. I never found it particularly useful to flog a dead horse…

    Baloney! You are the World’s Champion at flogging dead horses…no doubt about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Naaaw, maybe … but in my case the horse doesn’t know yet how dead it is. It’s called “jokes about latter day captalism”. Or, as it is generally known, “political commentary”. Or as you might falsely call it “America bashing”.


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