More Hate for Linux Mint?

Back from one doctor’s appointment, hanging out before having to go the the next one … time to blog. About Linux, of course. Dunno what’s going on in SL, no sensational news from that direction, so I’m quite sure you will excuse my indulgence. No? Hey, I didn’t force ya to read this shitty blog, did I?

Okay, with that cleared up, now let’s see what Gardener – the Linux Gamer – has to say about the artificial excitement in the Linux community about Mint and if it needs to die or wot?

Watchy first:

Almost more interesting than the video content is, as so often, the comment section, which is quite positive about Linux MInt and wants it to stay, even if the commenters don’t use it themselves … anymore.

Looky here:

I used Mint in the past and I had a really good experience with it.
keep Linux mint but maybe there are some others that should quietly shutdown.
Mint is accessible when coming from Windows. The UI is more similar and indeed a lot of beginners start out with Mint. Cinnamon is a friendly environment.
I like Linux Mint… For a newbie it is just easy and simple and it was my gateway to the Linux world 🙂 and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to start with Linux.
I’m using the thing, after menjaro thrown a fit with updating and briking
Watching this on Linux Mint
I’m fairly new to Linux. Mint cinnamon was the easy entry for me.
If I didn’t have mint as an easy jumping off point, I’d probably be still confused and using Windows.
Nothing wrong about linux mint. It’s an amzing linux beginner distro. I know quite a few not that computerphile people that are using it and it just works great.
Wait linux mint can’t go away it’s the first distro I ever used
I don’t want it to die. I have been using Mint as my main distro for years on my desktop and laptop. I use to always install ubuntu first and end up having a crashing buggy system and end up installing Mint again which would just work properly even though it was based off the same version of ubuntu I had installed before. So I have ended up just sticking with Mint and using their upgrade tool when new versions come out. I love their Distro and finally after all these years decided to start donating to them. If they were to go away I really don’t know what I would go to since I love Mint and their cinnamon desktop, no other distro has ever held my interest in the way Mint has.
When you just got out of the Matrix, you need rest, peace and hundreds of needles that restore your muscles. And this is Linux Mint!
Linux Mint + Cinnamon is best Windows like experience out there for new beginners imo.
I love mint+xfce
Linux Mint even though it’s not my distro of choice has a massive reason to exist.
Linux Mint to Die??? This is the only one Distro I do care for. If it’s gone, then No Linux at all.
Linux mint was THE distro that I started with so yeah it should exist although i use arch now
I think linux mint is quite useful for new users like you mentioned Gardener. If we expect new users to feel comfortable with linux then mint is the way to go.
I like running Mint on my Raspberry pi based laptop. Nice user interface, easy to customize and performance is acceptable.
… Mint was way more familiar to a Windows user than Ubuntu.
Linux Mint does have a purpose – to provide an operating system filled with pre-installed tools to get real work done, without tinkering the distro itself intensively. Some people say it is a ‘noob’ distro, but really – it is a distro for ANY type of user regardless of his/her expertise.
Linux mint has some of the best first-time user tools of any distro. I started my experiments in linux on mint.
Mint Linux Rocks!
As a new user I find Mint to be a good old fashioned desktop experience which doesn’t get in your way. It is not the shiniest though although that is fine too.
… Most of the Linux users (including me) who switch from windows likes mint at once because it’s very much similar to windows. And it just works. Mint is the reason behind the growing number of Linux users. Nobody use arch at first. And Ubuntu’s unity and gnome desktops are not comfortable for people who shift from windows.
I used Limit Mint before and I liked it is my goto fall back Distro for well put together set of software.
Mint is a great starter for people from windows.
I’ve used Mint before – it’s a nice distro.
Linux Mint was what really got me going in Linux, and it was the most stable distro I’ve ever used.
Linux Mint was the first distro that just worked for me and let me feel the coolness that was open source with out needing a Comp Sci degree.
Linux Mint was my gateway drug
Linux Mint user here. Love it, donating every month to it. I tried multiple Linux distros and each time went back to Windows, it was Mint that made me stick with Linux, and I know for a fact I’m not alone either.
It is a safe space for noobs! #loveLinuxMint
Make of all the snippets what you want. Fact is, Mint is loved by most! And you’re not alone in Linux and not in Linux Mint. There are always peopel happy to help/destroy you so it’ll never get boring. 🙂


  1. Even though I’ve piddled w/ Linux since 1996, I had never really bothered to steadily check any of the news on or about Linux until January of this year. At first, I had thought this “Hate Mint” news was started by Jack M. Germain, and it upset me. Then I started looking into it closer – found “Hate Mint” news dating back to at least 2016, and didn’t bother to look any further back since I had already been questioning most Linux news sources a few months ago.

    Lots of paid writers needing to report/write about Linux in order to continue receiving checks for their work. Plagiarism seems to be another one of the many accepted practices in all forms of so-called Journalism. Change a few words here and there from a 2016 article, and publish it today. Picking on Linux Mint probably gets a lot of ‘Hits’ and such for the writer – e.g. more ‘Hits’ than for an article on Namib.

    Basically, just more Fake News from the world’s news medias and journalists … even Linux news, and who would’ve ever guessed that Linux would also be subjected to Fake News!? Some of these articles make the rounds for months, seemingly new news just on different sites. Well, people have to make a living, if journalistic swine can be considered people.

    Anyway, has a June 02, 2019:

    snip … In fact, we have never received that many donations in the past, or from that many people within the same month. 868 people donated a total of $24,149. This is huge, it’s even bigger than what we see after a release. So before we put this behind us, thank you, many thanks to you all for supporting us. We love what we do, you love what we do, and we love the fact that you love it too. I don’t really know what to say other than thank you … snip

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    • “I had thought this “Hate Mint” news was started by Jack M. Germain”

      I guess he’s too old of a geezer, and much to knowledgeable to start such bullshit theories. BTW he was one of the very few writers …

      “Picking on Linux Mint probably gets a lot of ‘Hits’ and such for the writer – e.g. more ‘Hits’ than for an article on Namib.”

      … who wrote a review about Namib, if memory serves me well. ^.^

      “Plagiarism seems to be another one of the many accepted practices in all forms of so-called Journalism.”

      Let’s call it a circlejerk.

      “Linux would also be subjected to Fake News!?”

      Boredom, pure and simple. The whole ecosystem is very mature these days, development of Kernel and distros usually goes like clockwork, journos get bored and feel useless … lemme rephrase that: They feel their own uselessness and therefore starting dumpsterfires here and there.

      Although if you keep an eye on the scene you too must’ve noticed that Clem and his Minty people made some pretty stupid decisions lately. They too felt the need to make their cuddlefriendly distro even friendlier, dumbed down and aerodynamic for our precious n00bs. Not releasing new versions every 6 month is pure lazyness tho. And by making the new LMDE3 exclusively Cinnamon they’ve lost at least one fangurl. This here. :/

      So if you’re a bored inksplotter, manning the Linux desk of some magazin, you jump on those occasions.

      I don’t mind all those scandals, if imagined or real don’t matter much to me. It’s amusing and gives low-tier outsiders of theLinux “community” something to write. And to some aspect Linux is even fighting on the very front of human development. When Linus was forced to quit the Kernel dev head honcho position the triumphant SJW’s shot themselves in the foot. Couple weeks later Linus was back and the kernel development was back on an orderly track.

      It’s super exciting to be writing about Linux! 🙂 … well, sometimes …

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      • Android did it … Chrome OS did it better than the majority of Linux distros, so it is possible to cut down on the ridiculous fragmentation in Linux (tho history says that will never happen). Linux doesn’t really care about the desktop/laptop users.

        The current situation with dozens of distributions, each with different rules, each with different versions of different libraries, some with certain libraries missing, each with different packaging tools and packaging formats … that basically tells app developers “go away, focus on platforms that care about applications.” – Dirk Hohndel

        Windows 7 support is coming to an end and Linux won’t or can’t take advantage of that…

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        • “Android did it … Chrome OS did it better than the majority of Linux distros”

          Android and Chrome are made by Google. What do they have to do with anything? And Android … fuk, that’s telephone firmware! Not my idea of desktop computing. And neither of making telephone calls. :/

          “Linux doesn’t really care about the desktop/laptop users.”

          Sorry, wrong. Linux isn’t a legal body, it’s a movement, it’s individual efforts. You probably mean the Linux Foundation, which is indeed nothing but an industry promotion group. They indeed don’t care about anything good in Linux and only care about RHEL, Canonical, SuSE, Oracle and stuff. Fortunately the kernel is free and open so good people can play and fragment it as much as they fancy. And invent new desktops n stuff. It’s fun for geeks. It’s all good.

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  2. Reblogged this on Confessions of a Technophobe and commented:
    I didn’t even know this was actually a thing, but YIKES! Linux Mint should DIE?!? Kinda extreme, dontchya think? Who knew there was so much drama among Linux geeks? Anyway, Linux Mint invented some of the coolest tools available for desktop Linux, like Mintstick, for example, that lets simple people like me format a USB stick in a couple of mouse clicks instead of opening GMparted and trying to figure that out! That the Mint Updater that lets total newbies update the OS selectively and avoid the Beta crap from upstream Ubuntu that can brick a perfectly good working system. Linux Mint absolutely ROCKS and is a favorite of both newbies and experts who just like a ready-out-of-the-box simple OS that they and their parents, grandparents and kids can all use with ease.

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    • “Linux Mint absolutely ROCKS and is a favorite of both newbies and experts who just like a ready-out-of-the-box simple OS that they and their parents, grandparents and kids can all use with ease.”

      Indeed, Robin! Mint, like Ubuntu before it, did so many things to get Linux rolled out and made easy for the unsuspecting masses. And it’s a well-rounded product, ready to use, without any tweaking and modding. Yes, it is boring af, and that’s what makes it so adorable. Not only for n00bs. In fact did Mint never claim to be focused on the new user but is made for people who wanna get shit done and don’t spent all their time with an operating system.


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