Arrived in Germany. Now Stop Hating Linux Mint!


Hubs and his missus arrived safe and sound in Germanialand, the nice little port town of Hamburg to be exact. Made our un-cozy hotel room as cozy as possible and it doesn’t matter anyway, We’re not living in a hotel, we’re living out of it! Got stuffz to do, got to hustle and bustle, starting Monday morning.

Anyhoo, when I opened my Firefox interwebz browser today, two videos kinda jumped at me. Both about NOT HATING Linux Mint! Ya, you’ve read right, there is a movement going on in the  Linux Community, damning the good old Minty Goodness to hell and back … and they are even partly correct. It seems like Clem Levebvre and his gang putting less loving care into Mint’s development. Hmm, maybe, yes. But it’s still running so well, so save and secure and so joyful, other distros, louder distros with a lot of fanfare and talk-of-the-town sex-appeal can take an example from the boring Mint.

So, Joe Collins and Tom are some of my favourite Linux tooberz, I link to their stuffz quite a lot. For reasons! They both talk straight, they both are looking at the world from our housewife’s perspective. When Joe and or Tom are telling us some shit is good we can trust them and know it’s Good Shit!

So why doesn’t Orca use Mint herself, then?

Because I’m even more lazy and gullible than you can even imagine. My bizniz, not your concern. ok? So I’m on a rolling Arch distro … and I’d love to see y’all were too. But for now I’m over the moon when I see any of you using Linux at all. Any Linux. As long as the shit werx for you all is good. And as it so happens Mint seems to be The particularly well-werking Shit! So let’s use and enjoy the crap out of it!

And stop the bitchin’!

Got my lemony sporty water, got my fuxxn slow netbook, got the most uncomfy chair, got my new Logitech wireless mouse, it’s late night, 02:31 A.M., and I’m in my happy place, bloggin’ about Linux

Oh, now DT also adds his 0.002 Woolongs worth of opinion …

Night all … xoxo

Hey, and one more …

Must be hard if you have a YT channel and can’t find worthwile stuff to make videos about. Orca just doesn’t make videos if she’s got nothing to show, but those grown ass Linux experts they gotta rant and recycle other guys’ opinions. Okeeee…



  1. Mint haters should do less alcohol and drug abuse – or just switch to probably the fastest Linux distro around, and it definitely maintains that ‘Windows’ look and feel that Mint has: Astra Common. 3.8 GB – note that 1.8GB of that is a supercharged fuel-injected engine, and it can be even bigger if you select other packages during download (e.g. LibreOffice, etc). There is also a paid version – Astra OS Special Purpose – it’s probably very expensive and a lot bigger than 3.8GB.

    Astra would be too much for Orca (even the 1.2 GB useless version) since she prefers playing w/ toy OSes…

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    • No … only time I tested DSL was in a search for a ‘Portable’ Linux Distro (USB portable). BionicPup won ’my’ search, and it wasn’t even close. Others were SparkyLinux (brothers LXDE 4.10, LXQt 5.7.1 and MinimalGUI 5.7.1), Slax, Damn Small (DSL), Tiny Core, Fat Dog, Porteus, Knoppix, Trisquel Mini and Peppermint. Couple others were involved, and I also made a rescue DVD (cheaper than USB) using SparkyLinux Rescue 5.7 (suited more for rescue stuff than a portable Linux distro).

      Lots of fast and snappy distros in that bunch … many had problems being unable to automatically connect to the internet (Hughes satellite for me). Others were just too small (even smaller than DSL).

      Orca, it’s considered a Debian derivative…

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      • “Orca, it’s considered a Debian derivative…”

        Cool, can’t go wrong with Debian! Now what desktop they givin’ us? For me that’s the most important part of any distro. Also you may calm down about my Toy OS, for me fuxxn Namib Arch werkz just fine. Yes, even abroad and mobile. frederic2ec didn’t do upgrade overkill during the last couple days, and we have very fast hotel wifi here, so all is perfect. Really stable and reliable, just as one wants from Linux.

        Hoohoo Fiona btw. \o/


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