Oh Linden Lab, wake up!

Read Meri found even more stuffz to complain about than me. That dysfunctional kindergarten LL are really on a crusade against logic and basic economic wisdom. Bad for them … and even wursterer for poor us. 😮





I was so pleased with the response from readers to my last blog ‘So who are you, really?‘. I loved hearing all about your Second Lives and how your own experiences shaped the SL’er you are.  So, thank you.

I’m not so pleased with the changes Linden Lab will be making to our slives. In an official blog post yesterday, they announced increases in the cost of premium membership, a reduction in land prices for a full region (but nothing smaller), an increase in premium members group memberships and – wait for it – a decrease from 42 groups to 35 for non-premium members.

Now, I’m not a total idiot, I can see that LL want to give premium members value for money and membership benefits not available to standard members, but to actually reduce what they are giving their legions of non-premium members smacks of desperation and…

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    • Absolutely crappy move. It’s supposed to get more premium residents … but that’s a bad idea. Downgrading free accs won’t give me, as a premium, any perks. I just don’t see how that is supposed to work out for LL.


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