LL Goes Full Evil Now!

*sniff. 😦

New membership and land fees n shit:

LandPriceChange2019 (1).jpg
Sims are still too expensive but became a bit cheaper …
PremiumPriceChange2019 (1).jpg
… but my monthly exclusive club membership became very very expensive! 😦

Those unspeakable fukarolios! Did some nice stuffz lately, almost as if they were actually interested in their best milk cow in the barn. Gave us some pseudo nice things, mostly for n00bs tho, but it was really like they wanted to make amends for their Sansar fukup. But now, not even a couple weeks later, they raise my premium from 72 to 99 Woolongs! 😮

Up to now I was quite a happy camper, but now I don’t know. :/

Dunno how I’m supposed to sell the new expenses to my long-suffering husbando. :/ I mean I’m hardly ever in world anymore, and never was a homely gurl anyway but always sailing and driving all over the grid. It was all good when I had my 8192 m² OrCafé and marina in Devilbrook but the little itty bitty freebie parcel I have now doesn’t really make much sense anymore. Has the time come to get rid of my parcel and downgrade to a free account now? Hmmm… :/

A bit of building here and there. Is that enough to justify the premium payments?

I mean, ok, I planned the new onsen to be around for a while longer and would’ve made it pretty nice as a bathing and partying place. Ugh, I’d really hate to get rid of lose my land. Even if I’m only online once a week and my building progress is very sloooow, I kinda love to just tinker around with my shit. It’s quality time. Me time … at least until some so-called “friend” IM’s me. =^.^=



    • No. I only noticed that they are threatening those folks who stay in the SL with even more expenses. 🙂 But for realz, what did you hear about EU being disadvantaged? And does it hit expats like me too?

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      • Ah no, this is part of Linden Lab’s conditions still.. here they say, “Please note that monthly and quarterly Premium Memberships for Residents who live in some European Union countries may also be charged value-added tax (VAT) in accordance with sales tax regulations. Please visit our VAT Policy page for more details and our Corporate Pricing page for a list of impacted countries.” I was just thinking that when UK does eventually leave, then our Linden VAT contributions will finish.

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        • The VAT thing is something I never understood in regards to the US, Moz. far as I understand nearly every state has its own VAT, so generally prices are only made publically known as netto prices. So you’ll always pay more than it says on the label. In the EU prices are inclusive, we’re used to pay the brutto price, VAT included. I’ve never heard of any company outside of the EU charging extra VAT on top. I guess this thing, that was already dismissed years ago is just due to LL’s inaptness and amateur business conduct. I really pity those fools.


    • Threatening? The EU and the US authorities have made a deal where US businesses that sell goods and services to anyone in a EU country have to collect VAT on behalf of their home country. Complain to your politicians if you disagree.

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  1. Hey Orca reading your blog for a year now thanks for your effort 🙂 With regard to Vat and EU well … i can go to a hospital and dont have to pay, or when i get unemployed i get paid for 3 years. Not my complete salary but 70%. As when i go ill. The EU … wel we are crazy but we most certainly took care off each other… whem i have to pay VAT for this . well thats oke by me


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    • It’s not that rosy anymore, Chris. Since the Dept of Work was renamed Work Agency or sumfink as stupid, and they can hire cheapo workforce our Unemployment Insurance only covers us for 1 year afaik. After that we’ll receive a far lesser Social Help payout. 😦

      Thx America for inspiring those asshole politicians to bring us down to your poor levels of humanity. 😦

      And of course it’s ok to pay VAT. Actually more than OK. But how do you explain those illogical things Fiona just mentioned? VAT only on monhly bills, not annual? Makes no sense.


    • That we do, darling. But it’s not free, at least not in Germany whee we pay into the social insurance funds, for health, unemplyment, pension, education. Nothing is free in this world.


  2. Weirdo Lindens saId on their forums VAT will only be charged on monthly not on annual fees – Right now I am still waiting for an anwser why that is so… Because little Fio would really hate to go to jail because of Lab induced tax evasion…

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    • We’ll hate to see you in jail, Fiona. Maybe some or the other labber will be friendly enuff to bring you a cake sometimes? But what you say sounds very strange indeed. Either online storage services are due VAT or not, can’t make a distinction between monthly and annual bills. There’s a strange brew cooking up in LL’s kitchen.


    • LOL Daniel, I asked myself the same question when the Lindens upped the groups for the first time. Thought I’d never need that bullcrap … and two days later I was scratching at the new limit already. 😮

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    • If you use them as intended no one does, if you however want to get all the shiny free stuff designers only hand out to their groupies – you will hit the ceiling fast.

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    • Reason, really? That’d be a first for LL. But a welcome one. The kidz … they grow up so fast to become boring adults. Cool!


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