Now This is Really Useful!

Zugeschaut und mitgebaut! 🙂 LÖL

Sorry for the Linux overkill going on here in the blog lately but look at what I just found on YouTube. A series about installing and using Linux Mint for beginners.

Superduper Minty freshness!

… for stupid n00bs!

Hey, that fits like ass on bucket, right?

Jay laCroix made a whole series, and I guess it’s still growing. He made four vids about Arch, so I guess Mint will receive the same amount of love. And as you can see these vids are all of today, so pretty fresh. I like how Jay explainifies everything in glorious detail and very calm and structured.

So if you are curious but not sure how to finally become a penguin yourself, just watch the videos …

So far everything was easy peasy, right?

Pffff, childsplay. Much sleeker than you ever thought.

Hey, still with us? I bet you wish now you had already bought that cheapo laptop from the thrift store down the block. So go out and get it now, then come back and follow Jay’s instructions and become a better, cooler person. 😉

And come back to the channel and wait for vid #4 …

And, as always, please let your fellow readers know how it went for you … and don’t forget to make many many screenshots and photos of your old junktop garbage computer.



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