GoT Season 8, Episode 3

OMfG! What was that please?

Rated 3.7. Really???

Well, so far hubs and me have made it to Episode 3, and so far we’re quite satisfied with what we’ve seen. If the production was in any rush, due to only being 6 episodes, it doesn’t show. They still take their time for lengthy dialogue and atmospheric shots. Ok, some of the characters are starting to act a little bit out of character. But the showrunners have noticed it as well and are even telling us that Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) made many mistakes. The cleverest man in all the 7 kingdoms being called out for being a dummy? Yikes.

It was a dark night, very very dark. 😮

But let’s talk about Episode 3, The Long Night: Again there is something odd with the whole planning of the last GoT season. Only 6 episodes in this one but the great battle of Winterfell was stretched to 82 minutes. That’s almost the runtime of a regular movie and it contained the longest consecutive battle I’ve ever seen in any movie.

Arya kills the night king, in the dark.

Again the director seemed in no particular hurry but showed us the whole spectacle … in a good and a bad way. We liked how structured and procedural everything was. At no point didn’t we lose focus on what was going on, and where everyone was on the battlefield and in Winterfell castle. We’ve seen much worse from much bigger cinematic productions.

Laurel and Hardy, in the light.

Miguel Sapochnik has obviously studied his Kurosawa and ignored that overrated hack Antoine Fuqua.

Ian Whyte and Bella Ramsey in Game of Thrones (2011)
The giant eats the Red Bitch, in the dark.

On the other hand it was all so fukn dark. 😦 Ya, of course it was dark, the battle happened at night, but usually we can see better even in night scenes. I know why it was so dark: Production wanted to save money on special effects and CGI so a lot of stuff was hardly visible. And after an hour of staring into the darkness … the darkness stares right back at you. 😮 LOL

Jon Snow and “Dany”, in the dark.

Shit people, that was a wasted chance to show us some greatness. The mightiest battle ever filmed for TV just went p00f. 😦 But all in all we can’t share the resentments of most people and really kinda liked Season 8 so far. Of course the novelty effect is gone after 8 years of GoT, we know our heroes and villains and what to expect from everybody. And we recognize there has some jog trot entered into the production process, a little less love for the show. Recognizable in water bottles and Starbucks coffee mugs left on the scene while filming and slips like when Jon Snow (Kit Harington) calls Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) “Dany”, like a planet earth teenager would do in the 20th century. That’s not what we’d usually expect from such a gigantic saga.

Game of Thrones (2011)
Dragons smile for the camera, in one of the few lighted scenes.

Yes, we understand everybody involved in the production of GoT is tired of the show and wants to start something new, but please, they should have tried to finish the saga with some class and gravity and authority.

And we’ve heard the real disappointments are yet to come. 😮

Peter Dinklage is already as disappointed as we’re going to be tonight?



  1. The bad guys are all dead, the goody two shoes + Dany still alive. One more episode to kill off that bish … and justice is done. 😉 But anyway, didn’t you watch it yet Moz, or are you just too polite to spoil anything?

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    • I’ve watched very, very little of the TV series as i got disappointed very early on. I’d read all the novels beforehand, you see, and I couldn’t imagine how on earth those would be related in total as they contain so much of events even before the times covered in the TV series which explain a lot – especially in regards to Targaryen history.

      It’s a lot like Tolkein’s novels as far as I’m concerned. The Silmarillion would be extremely hard to transfer to the silver screen in it’s totality, for instance, and make sense. I did like how the Rings trilogy was done, though.

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      • I’ve never read the Ice and Fire novels, am more a scifi- than a fantasy geek. Huge fan of The Expanse now. Tolkien somehow became unbearable for me after The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.
        In so far I consumed GoT as light entertainment without interpreting anything into it or comparing it to the books. I liked it, and still do.

        In so far I can even understand people who liked Ghost in the Shell (2017). If you’ve never read the manga or watched the anime, you don’t have sense of what’s behind it and what Hollywood got so completely wrong. Was more like “We got ScarJo, so this will be a huge bockbuster and make us billions!” LOL, those poor idjitz. 🙂

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