Resistance Builds Up!

Slowly but surely the trend goes mainstream. Look at this screenshot hubby did of a European crime show where a bunch of secret agency killers/investigators ran into computing problems:

“I told you we shouldn’t work with Windows.”

Clearly to see even these hardened fighters for democracy (or whatever our fuked up gov’mts are trying to sell us as democracy) are already influenced by the GNU/Linux and FOSS separatists. They are starting to think independent thoughts. 😮

And although everybody seems to think they know exactly how to fight international terrorism, nobody knows how to quell the youthful curiosity our younglings and heavily influenced Orcablog readers have developed for Unix-like free- and open source computer programs.


Know what? I guess it’s too late. Linux … uh, will find a way!

Jeff Goldblum jurassic park meme

Because Linux is Love, Linux is Life!



    • Oooh, you’re asking a pirate queen, who doesn’t even own a TV set, what’s the best media centre? Ok, I haven’t even installed it cuz no need but the best Media center for Linux is Kodi. It’s either installed right away or easily installable from the repositories of most Linux distros. Consuming media is a big thing these days so a good media player or center is pretty much distro-agnostic. Take any Linux you like and just tell it to install Kodi.

      If you just want a media player without all the bloat of a centre there is the VLC media player. That thing is like a Swiss pocket knife, as it plays all media formats, video and audio, without missing a single beat.

      Any questions? I can make a kinda tutorial or walk-through. Good idea for the blog anyway. 😉 Just let me know what distro you’re running.

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      • Right now I have a Windows 10 PC. I have all the goodies you mentioned like VLC and Kodi.

        I thought you might have experience with an all-in-one media centre distro for Linux. Maybe I’m being too lazy trying to get an all-in-one solution.

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        • You mean a totally monofocused distro that just plays movies and shows and does nothing else? Oh goodie, I mean that’s what Linux is famous for: Do one thing, and do it great! It’s in its genes. I shall try to find such distro and return to you with the result.
          Psssht, let’s meet behind the church at the cemetary wall …


    • A friend of mine once reccomended me OSMC on a raspi… as I have no raspi (yet) I AHve no idea how god iot really is. That was also long ago, so there might be better solutions around these days.

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