Modded My Class40

Didn’t go too well. :/ See, if she was an oldstyle prim boat I’d paint and texture her quite fine but she’s a modern mesh build, so one’s paint ends up in the most inappropriate places and my hull painting plans soon ended in some copies of the boat thrown in the garbage. 😦

At least I managed to get rid of the terrible upholstery texture of the gennaker:

Ugh, now that I see it, the texture of the main sail isn’t all that great neither. :/ Guess I’ll need to take a look at Charlz’ original boat design, and then maybe just transplant ZZ’s script over.

Ya, I’ll do that.

Or I try.

Later … 😉



    • Oooh! 😮

      Fiona, I fear this is faaaar above my stupid housewife noggin. :/ Only thing I do in Gimp is cutting photos and screenshots to size.

      Just because I have an opinion about almost every known Linux distro on the planet doesn’t mean I’m a computer geek or so. 🙂


    • Hallo Markus, was bitte ist denn so cool jetzt gerade? Daß ich keine Ahnung von Texturen habe oder wie man sie auf Meshmodels appliziert?

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        • Sorry, your profile thingy is in German and states you’ve grown up in Germany. And your blog is also partly in German, so I assumed you’d be fluent.

          Anyway, I was just asking what you thought was so “cool” in my post or in the comments. The fact that I have no clue about textures and how to apply them on mesh models?


            • I guess you’re not familiar with Second Life, Markus. Charlz Price’s Class40 was a hobby project by Charlz and not really widespread in the Sailing Community. So the number of professional texture makers for that particular boat won’t be too large. I’ll ask around in my friends circles.
              Let me search the SL Marketplace …

              Just browsed the paintshops but they all make only designs for commercially available boats. I can understand that nobody wants to pay money for painting on a freebie boat.


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